Sep 6, 2009

Theory of General Observations

Let's fill our mugs with coke, coffee, tea, cocoa or your poison of choice. Lets sit back in our chairs, our puffs, our beds and theorize again a little about life, shall we? The ideas floating around my head are still hazy, formless but growing, rolling around, wrapping around a few solid ideas, ready to develop.

I think about this group from the Twitter, that has "taken off" among Costa Rican twitters. I have seen a few of their shows mostly at the insistence of my friend Shimmy Gin.

He has become quite a character in the Twitverse, and so he got himself a girlfriend from the same Elite. This girlfriend used to be part of this group mentioned above, but was removed a few shows away now for undisclosed reasons that range between the young ladies lack of responsability with the show and the jealousy eating up the group's Mother Queen's heart. The show itself offers no real value for the audience, save to include people into a "Sex and the City" kind of San José ambiented meeting, where five women, ages ranging from 20 to 40 sit around a table, talking about nonesense. Well, five women talking is much to say, for usually it's the Mother Queen talking, laughing and shrieking like some sort of banshee when a not-ogre-looking male crosses the room. Catcalling is then the requirement from the court or the "Queen's Pets", arranged to at her left and two at ther right. Their sitting arangements are previously dictated, so you don't mistake them, and so the chain of command is observed.

The idea of these ladies fighting over the show, who's in, who's out, who will speak, who will determinate the "topic of conversation", who will dictate the show it's senseless. You sit around a table with your girlfriends to talk: who decide this things? You just sit back and let it flow, don't you? Well, not when you broadcast your meetings and you are desperate to get as much air time as you can to launch yourself.

When I first checked the show I didn't realize that the ages of the women on the show were so abysmally apart. Not like I'd say a 20 year old can't be friends with a 40 year old or older, but the way they held themselves at the show (not to mention the terribly poor quality of the transmission) it's like they all came from the same background and the same generation. Well, this is what made me think, and this is what accompanies my mug of coke. (Which I'm changing right now for a mug of cocoa... I feel like cocoa right now and no more coke.)

The thing that caught my attention was the fact that there were these mature, adult women acting the way young women do. Mother Queen lowering to engage in "subtle catfights" displayed through the way she tried to supress the talking of the pets by raising her voice over theirs and pushing on her topic, her line, her thoughts. Such displays of immaturity I have witnesed at several meetings, where, well, a party tries to raise their position and arguments over that of the other party or parties. Sometimes, immaturity or not, that's the way it becomes at meetings and debates. It's not a good weapon to make an argument stick, but sometimes it seems to be the only way, and the argument really gara worth it because it shall be put to the test later. But to exercise vocal muscle for some banal topic? Totally senseless, and an adult woman should know that, don't you think?

And not only adult women, but adults in general. The problem here almost seems to be "who is an adult?". Back when I was just a lil' girl, an "adult" was usually a person over 25-30. Today that clear age limit has beel blurred. These "old children", a real shame for all normal adults, behave like kids and proclaim to keep "living their youth" or keeping their "inner child alive". Allow me not to say just how big balloney that is. Adults must behave like adults and leave kid stuff and young stuff to kids and young people. We are different. And sorry, having your own place doesn'tg make you an adult. Living alone doesn't make you an adult. Having children doesn't make you an adult. Living with someone doesn't make you an adult. The grown up stage, with which we all dreamed when we were kids is something that happens inside us, when we own up to who and what we are and take responsability for it.

The Internet has opened endless gates for many people well into their 30's, 40's and 50's and more, to strip from their adulthood and behave like teens, fight like teens and pass themselves for teens. Why do they do that? Because they couldn't fill the expectations of adulthood they had as children? Because they ignored all the way that "responsability" was part of the promotional adult value pack?

Thing is that acting like a child won't make you younger, and act like a teen or a young adult won't make you one. Mentally maybe, but physically you will still age, still wrinkle and still spring gray hairs all over the place. You can botox-up and diet, and dye your hair, change your voice and lie about your age, but that won't be you, so why to go through all that pain?

Truth is that youth is overrated and old age is underrated. I don't mind getting older, I don't mind my body loosing elasticity and firmness, and I love my only gray hair, and wait for the rest. I'm proud to say that I'm 33 and can't wait for all the other June 30th's when I'll be able to legally say that I am older. A Latin singer, Ricardo Arjona sang once that we shouldn't take years from our lives, butadd live to our years, so why don't we just live and enjoy the beauty that each year brings to us, live it when we are at that age. Live your 20's when you are in your 20's, and your 30's when you are in your 30's, and your 40's when you are in your 40's. Each stage of our lives is so fabulous and so wonderful and amazing! We just have to live it.

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