Sep 10, 2009

Working in a small Hell

A pack of sesame seed crackers (not so bad) and a glass of coke. That was today's breakfast. No lunch brought, so I'll probably have to cook me up some oatmeal... again. I'm still angry about yesterday, particularly because I realized it was basically because the hag was to stupid to read and she thought I said that the thing she did "was useless" instead of "we can't use it". My Hyne, how mentally and intellectually handicapped must someone be to misread something like that and make a fuss out of it! But then again, she has always shown sings of a diminished capacity in the emotional, and cognitive areas... and this is one of those cases that makes you so sad about Darwin not being strictly right and law enforced.

Noon: lunch: apple and cinnamon oatmeal.

Have been all morning running around between meetings and fixing things, calling up people in the U.S. because nobody here seems to have the guts to call someone in the U.S.... why do they pretend to speak in English then? Hell, some people are unbelievable. Then had to juggle around a few things to put an end to some activities that have been ping-ponging for a while now, where a division (Dragonfly's division, actually) had the NERVE to accuse us of not doing our job when we have been doing our job, in time and then even theirs. This is the point where I turn to Dragonfly and say: "Honey, we work in Hell, but Lucifer took out vacations and left all the moronic demons to try to run the show".

There's a sudden meeting today at 13h, with some other people, to review some data. Thanks Hyne this time someone from the original project group will be with us, and so we don't have to invent the whole thing again. I never understook why do they do that and keep doing it. Hopefully, hopefully, we will be able to finish the meeting soon. Hopefully this won't reach too long... I hope, I hope.

I just wanna go home and smooch my boyfriend, cuddle with him and feel oh-so good with his arms around me. ^_^ He smells so yummy!! (Yes, I totally love him!)


Dragonfly said...

Bueno Zsue... las vacaciones de maravilla... ya veremos el infierno que me espera de regreso.

Besos desde la ciudad del tequila y los mariachis...

Storm Bunny said...

Diay, y si le mandaste el correo aquel a tu amigo, de fijo que te espera un show de rasgadura de vestiduras. Pero vos tranquila, que la fuerza está contigo. ^_^