Sep 25, 2009

The Raging Maniacs

Hyne, it seems I'm in for constant attack now. One bad thing about the Internet is that you can't see the face of those talking to you, and that keeps you from reading what they really mean to say. It is tiresome to go over and over explaining that there are "first impressions", and there are "opinions" and not all of them mean "passing a judgement". Furthermore trying to understand why a blog is a "personal site", and another of the same kind becomes a "stand". All of them misinterpretations. But then again, like it was said, maybe some people do find their happiness bashing others.

Then again, the world seems to produce tons of them. Aside from the cybernautes that go around jumping ahead into conclusions and denting in skulls, there are people who do that often in real life. One of them is our dear coworker. I have not decided whether she suffers from som chronical multiple personality condition or if her problem is that she has none, and so replace the void with bits and pieces of temper, or it's a new breed in the perosnality dissorders' line, that could be called Multiple Stupidity Dissorder. On one hand she's the self proclaimed "most diplomatic person in the world" and Miss Touch, on the other, she's the self-proclaimed "I call things by their name". Sure, you can be both, but screaming from the other side of the office, for all to hear things like (and forgive my French) "you look too skinny, you've been fucking a lot with your boyfriend, haven't you", or "and the gynecologist said I have a very pretty vagina. want me to show you?" doesn't really fit either of the priorly self proclaimed labels. If it were up to me, I'd say the adjective that fits her better is "coarse".

People like her I don't get. They always give money to the homeless, but ask for money from the coworkers, get them to buy them things and never repay, or if you want your money back you pretty much have to go harrassing her four times a day knocking on the door, calling her by the phone until she finally pays back. Is it a Robin Hood kind of complex? She buys at these outlet stores and the discount warehouses where rats run around large piles of clothes dumped on the floor, which is fine. Hey, she has a daughter and living as a Mom is different, you gara do a lot of planning to make the money enough for all the things you and your family needs. Yeah, only she makes a whole show out of buying groceries only in the most expensive stores, doesn't go to certain restaurants and plays herself as this Hilton-like upperclass person.

Certainly a lot of people can't accept who and what they are and live with a mask on, but then again the lack of consistency in their actions and words is disturbing. Same happens with another guy. He's an excellent business man and a genious with money and finances. So he says. He always have some money, ready for a big business and lives comfortably. Well, that's good. Save that for more than six years his car sits in the garage and he makes his coworkers drive him to the office and then home. He never buys lunch or brings luch, like the rest of us mortals, but sits at the diner waiting for someone to give him left overs or share their meal. Things intensified now that he started builing a new house, which is humongus, and which got him in over $100 thousand in debt about the $600 K he already requested.

I'm not saying that people should be open about every detail of their lives, but when the mask is chiping away and you know it, and you know that everybody knows, why do you keep holding to the lie?

Finally, there's this girl. Married young, and married for money. Her life is going down the sewer, she is so visibly unhappy it shrinks everybody's heart. She has never really loved her husband, and even her wedding came with great dificulty, because she didn't want to marry. But she did. She hates her mother-in-law, and the feeling is mutual. Her husband doesn't care. Being around them is awkward because the fight hangs in the air, and they don't seem to mind berating each other or ridiculing each other in front of others, even total strangers. Nobody needs to hear, I believe, a friend's husband say: "she's so disgusting. She wears her socks for days, and even take them to bed. She nauseates me". To call that "hell" would be a crass understatement. I would understand her need to keep up walls and put up a mask to cover the mess of her life, but then, why does she preech about marrying only for money, for the assets as the only valid reason to marry? If it were so and the most stupid thing someone could do were to marry for love, then why isn't she happy?

There are things that, perhaps, we must accept as they are, and one of them is that people is strange. However, accepting the fact that people is strange doesn't mean that that's okay and we have to learn to love it. We may not be able to change it, but I do believe we can find the way to let it affect us the least.

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Dragonfly said...

Definitivamente hay mucha gente que se anda por allí con máscaras en su cara, tratando de aparentar lo que no se y pretendiendo ser incluso mejores personas de lo que realmente son.

besos ;)