Sep 9, 2009

Irrational "Helper"

So, I'm working with some data downloaded from this site, and something happens because the data is in an Excel file but it's ordered in rows and the info column by column is separated IN THE ROW by comas. Very annoying. Up to some 30 minutes ago, I didn't have the faintest idea about how to make it right, so I was going to do it manually for all the 5999 rows... of 9 columns each. I was mulling about it at lunch when a coworker of my comes and tells me that she can help me, she can make it right. Well, I was happy.

After lunch she sent me and to two of my coworkers an Excel file with the data totally alterated. She said over and over that she was so busy (because she didn't want to explain how to do it), but the data wasn't what we needed. So I sent her an e-mail saying:

"T_T we can't use this. we need the table with the actual data..."

The woman got pissed off and sent me another e-mail with copies to everybody saying that she sent me the data processed "is not that what you'll do with it"?

The woman is totally stupid, as you can see, so I just tried and explained again: well, we gara check the data first, we gara do this and that, and only after we gara process it. I don't see where could it go so wrong, specially because the stupid hag had the nerve to say a few minutes ago that, well, she wasn't mad with me anymore but the problem is that I have no "finesse" to say things. So, on top of it it was all my fault.

Let's nail a few things down:

1. I'm not getting "finesse" and "touch" lessons from an ordinary, vulgar hag that announces to the world that she has the body of Nicole Kidman and spends her day touching herself in the office, making dirty jokes.

2. I believe I was perfectly clear about me needing only to turn the data into a workable Excel file, which, as I discovered some 30 minutes ago entirely by my lil' self, you can do going to "data" and selecting "text to table" in "data tools". No biggie. She wrongly assumed to know what would we do with the data, not asking us, so sorry, but she should have either limited herself to convert the data to a table, or ask before. (Because add to it, she sent us the averages and sums, and counts, but not the original data.)

3. Nor I, nor my coworkers asked her, SHE offered.

Well, it seems that now we not only have to know from whom to ask a favor, but also from whom to accept it. That psychotic hag is not one of them. "Instructions and her" are not something that go together.


Dragonfly said...

Y buenooo Zsue, yo que te puedo decir... con la clase de gente que trabajoooo :(

Storm Bunny said...

Seguro es que necesitan sentirse indispensables o necesitados, o andan buscando bronca, porque cómo no entiende que si van a ofrecer ayuda, entonces ayudan, pero no pueden andar luego reclamando como si fuera uno el que les pide el favor. Si se ofrecen que sea porque lo pueden hacer y hacerlo bien, no para que luego anden con que "no tienen tiempo" y que uno es el malagradecido que les anda haciendo exigencias sin tomar en cuenta sus "múltiples obligaciones más importantes".