Sep 17, 2009

Minutes Away From Busting This Joint

This is one of those times when I have 22 minutes of work left and I have already done everything, filed everything, backuped all my e-mails (the important ones) and I hope no bos will call me to answer some lenghty question or just stay there "just in case I have to answer a lenghty question". I've not much to do, and what I would have to do I'll have to leave it for tomorrow, such as running this errand of the office, mostly because it takes me more time than what I have today, AND add to it I've decided to do some things myself. Oh yep. I dunno if you have the same issues I do, but for instance, there's this messenger service. Guys run up and down between the different buildings carrying papers so you don't have to do it yourself. The problem is that they come only once a day, so if you have to send a document within a deadline and the guy either came too early or came too late in the afternoon and will drop the documents only next day, you are fried. Also there's the case when you need PROOF that the documents were received, so you send an original and a copy to be stamped as received, but do the messengers bring the stamped copy back? Sure, like two months later, if ever.

So, since I've a rather sensitive duty here (one of them) I have decided that I will run the errands myself and deliever the documents and get my stamps all by my lil' self. But can I do that now? Nope. So I'll have to leave my paper-running-delievering-stamping routine for tomorrow. What else do I have to do? Basically nothing other than read articles in the newspaper or any other e-informative media. This is how I came across another article that, really, made me roll my eyes. Okay, okay, it had an attached article about "how to make killer presentations", but that's not the point. The article, though it was good, and I must give it that, was about how to become a manager. The funny thing was that it said that you've to grown up. Dude, really.

I know the general idea is right, but saying that what you need to become a manager or even more, a "successful manager" is a matter of growing up, is just as naive as pretending that Perfect Competition is possible in real life. You don't need to learn, nor work your ass off: you need to have friends in the right places, be ready to bend the laws so far you pretty much break them, trash them and screw it even by the Machiavellian principles, and have an escape goat to fall in your place. In these days, truth is that succeeding as a human, responsible person is just as hard as opening an business in Tokyo that's not under the asphixiating thumb of the Yakuza.

But the idea was nice. ^_^ You see, that's the good thing about theory: it allows you to dream.

Well, time for me to shut down the laptop.

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