Sep 18, 2009

Mind and Mindlessness

I'm not sure if the word "mindlessness" actually exists, but I'm convinced it should in order to put a tag, a name, a sign, a label to a lot of the things, thoughts and actions that surround us daily. If the word does exists, I guess that should be the main topic of most of my posts: mindlessness of politics, mindlessness of people around me, mindlessness at work, global mindlessness.

The mindlessness that concerns me today is, again, about America and their politicians. Here I hear people talking against Universal Health-care and then rolling up on some tremendously incongruent "Anti-Obama" movement that leaves me petrified. First of all, I can't imagine a single person in his right mind that would go against Universal health-care. I mean, let's cut the "communist" baloney here for five seconds, and let's think about what would it mean for everybody to actually be able to go to the hospital and be received, taken care of and cured, and not having to worry about bills and being able to pay for the treatment, or cutting back on the medication prescribed because it can't be afforded and so on.

At the same time, Universal Health-care isn't by default a bad service, but instead it is as good as the Government orders and enforces it to be, just like education. If the Government puts money into it, makes sure that the Health care budget gets applied to health-care and follows closely the indexes of quality and satisfaction, then I guess there couldn't be no problem. I mean, in so many countries it worked just fine for so long, until, of course, the profit-seeking enterprises decided to get a slice of the business.

So, on the other hand, just as I can imagine sane people going against Universal Health Care, I can see why people don't see that the only ones losing with it are the companies. If you have universal health care, and it's good, why would you pay for an expensive health insurance? Why would you go to an insanely expensive private hospital to be treated? I'll tell you why: you wouldn't unless the private sector gives you something extra. For instance, better service, doctors with more experience, quicker reception, bigger rooms, private rooms and so on. The problem here isn't that this is a matter of "communism", I mean please, like Universal Health Care will suddenly revive the Red Menace? The Soviet Union will raise and poise it's nuclear weapons and Karl Marx on the U.S. again? Be realistic. The problem here is that all the private medicine market has it so well giving a so-so service, charging exhorbitant fees, then deciding whether you deserve to receive what you've paid for n-th fold, only to find ways to charge you more, give you nothing and keep you dying.

I mean, imagine to have a dental plan in the Universal Health Care, and get as much as 9% of your paycheck reduced for it, and you can get sick whenever you want --- well, you don't want toget sick, but that's the general idea --- and if more than one at home get sick, to be able to ACTUALLY take everybody to the hospital. Why would this be evil? Well, as you know by now, because that reduces the profit of the private sector, and what's worse, actually forces them to be better and give you what they promise you, and isn't that evil?

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