Sep 24, 2009

Not All Dough and Gossip

Yes, I'm posting twice today. Sue me. However this topic couldn't really be mingled with the one before. Today I received a comment at my page in Political Voices of Women. First I thought it would be an answer to why I can't get my badge visible (which somehow got fixed in the mean time), but it was a member of the community berating me for "joining the group simply to bash it" here. O_O That was odd. Found it specially odd because it is part of the philosophy of the community to accept the fact that all of us think differently, belong to different ideologies, so let's live together in harmony under that flag.

At first I was utterly confused, because I love the group! The idea, the feeling, this outspoken diversity and respect, that's born maybe from the fact that we are all women and we do know what's like to belong to a group that has been repressed for so long, whose rights have been denied, reduced, trampled simply for a matter of a chromosome pair of which we are not responsible of happening, so why would I do any kind of bashing? So I checked out the pointed out entry, and I think I've found the offending thing: I said what I think about the first two blogs I read. So maybe, in order to clear the air a bit I'd like to add the following:

Both the blogs of A Brain Like Mine and American Princess are lovely, enjoyable blogs, written with refreshing, candid sense and delicious wording that would not mean any waste of time for anyone that would happen upon them. On their own way they both capture you and make you smile, make you frown and make you curious. A Brain Like Mine is homely and does go around issues that might be unknown for many, or at least unknown for me. I did thought that sourdough starter was a kind of pet, like an electronical pet-device or a new breed of hamster-like creatures. What would I know, after all? Not like I have ever done bread in my life, nor like I would (in the near future, at least, though making sourdough starter as an experiment sounds funny). Then, she does write a lot about plants and animals and Mom-things, like camps, meeting with other parents and so on. Ain't boring, au contraire, it kind of gives you a glimpse at the housewife life, and that can be very exciting. American Princess seems to me more like you Uptown, Gossip Girl poster Bloggerine. She does turn her attention to political figures, and let you know about things you didn't know or didn't acknowledged. Has a bit of flare, a bit of that "Sex and the City" quality to it that makes it a good quick, light read. However, realistically speaking, neither blog is really what you would expect from a "political blog".

If you read a bit carefully, I myself was wondering whether my blog is or isn't a political blog, and came to the conclusion that it isn't really a political blog, just a blog. If I am a part of Political Voices of Women now is because these two blogs, because both these ladies made me unafraid of becoming a member. They made me realize that I don't have to turn 100% political, that I can still blog about the things my job puts me through, or bitch about the "money is all that matter in man and marriage should only be by assets" policy some of my coworkers preach.

What's a political blog, for me? Well, for me it should be a blog where the blogger expresses his or her views about something that happens, and not simply passes over a link, copy-pastes an article, echoes a headline. In a political blog I would expect to see a mind working, questioning, comparing, bringing new ideas, bitching, and for Pete's sake, us women have all the words and all the tones and emotions to elevate bitching to a higher form of art. A political blog would say: "Congolese women, and now men too are living in fear of being raped by rebels and also by the militia. What can we do about it?/This is what I think about this..."

I answered to my commenter, hopefully the air between us was cleared, and then I went on browsing, checking stuff here and there, when I found veritable gold. Among the bloggers of the community there's Marcia G Yerman's page. Do you want to read about politics? Well, then you MUST read her. Fresh, fascinating, involved with women issues, social issues and an amazing perspective. If she were a book, she would be a "hard to put down" kind of book. I wouldn't say a "page-turner", because actually she's the kind of blogger that's so fascinating that keeps you going over and over the same lines as if trying to extract the most of each word. ^_^ I think I've found a new blog to check on everyday.

Bottom line is: the group is good, but just like any group, you can find many, many things, and in the process of discovering you can find all kinds of results. As they come, all these results feed you and build an idea, an opinion in you. You can express the impressions you have as you get into the process, which is what I did, or you can wait until you have enough samples to make a more generalized observation. Neither of them is wrong, they are simply methods.

Finding Marcia, though, won't stop me from continue scoting the group, reading other entries that catch my attention. I may find more odd things, I may find more awesome treasures, and I'll keep you posted about all of them.

However, when you read me, keep one thing in mind: this is not the absolute and undeterrable Truth, this is my Opinion.

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