Sep 22, 2009

Love and Marriage

There's a saying in English, and I believe it must exist in pretty much every language that goes like "you reap what you sow". In one hand, if you go around saying that there's no such thing as getting married for love, and those who do are stupid, and you are proud of yourself for marrying for money, then don't get depressed for being stuck in a loveless marriage. I mean, dude, that's what you were looking for, right? If you preach around to everybody that a boyfriend is only to be milked for money, because men are disgusting meatbags whose only worth is the wallet, and that has to be paid with sex, then don't complain and get depressed because the wallet dumped you. Besides, if you need that income to come steadily, don't get a man-wallet, get a job. Believe it or not, it has been working for generations.

Though I am against marriage, because I feel those are unnecesary chains wrapped around two people under the mask of "proving each other's love", which, really, if you feel it, what any other prove do you need?, I do believe that "love" is quite a valid reason to get married. Not because it proves that people are in love, but because that happens to be the way some people express their feelings for each other to others. Besides, truth to be told, a marriage with love is much better than a marriage without love, just like about everything in life. Living together with someone is much better if those who live together love each other, right? And here I do apply it to all kinds of love.

The reasons I find acceptable for marriage are:
  1. Love
  2. To legally and socially protect a family or a family project (last name of children, extend social security to children and spouse, to get better terms for a loan in order to build a common home or a family business, protect with insurance, ensure heritage for the descendants and make sure no outsiders take it away from them)
  3. Political connections or political reasons
  4. Friendship
  5. To get citizenship, assuming both parties fully agree, and they don't go against the Law (though that seems pretty unrealistic, but I have heard a few quite plausible cases in countries where it isn't really a crime...)
  6. Religious reasons
  7. Personal conviction
Naturally ALL OF THEM with the full agreement of both parties. There ain't anything worse than one party marrying for one reason and the other marrying for another, none of them really agreeable. That's a recepy for a perfect storm. It becomes a mistake that time will make worse, specially if they get children out of the pressure of "having children".

Marriage and having children is, up to this daym still one of the biggest issues upon which society flexes the muscle of peer pressure upon individuals. A lot of people balk into it, which they shouldn't. Why to get married if you don't want to get married? Just like with drugs, "just say no". Nobody can really force someone else, so why to give in? Marry if you feel like it, and marry only for a good reason, something you can live with, something that won't trample your happiness, because, after all, it is YOU who will have to live with the consequences of you actions and decisions.

You can marry for love, you do, and if you understand that love is a living things that changes, mutes, and if you nourish it well, it will never stop being a sweet thing, they you are in for a very, very happy ending. ^_^

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