Sep 21, 2009

Ugly Lastnames

I guess everybody has gone through that phase of life where they would like to have a different name. Rose, don't like to be called Rose because that's such a peasant name, and wishes to be called by a more noble name, such as Patricia. Patricia hates her name because it sounds so stupid, particularly because the diminituve, "Tricia" or "Trix" sounds like a "trick". So she rather be called an more romantic name, such as Giselle. Giselle hates her name because sounds so ... giglish, so she would rather have a more serious name, like Olga. Olga hates her name because sounds like some ugly, fat woman, and she'd rather have a more feminine, sweet, beautiful name, like Rose.

Now a days is far easier to change your name, without really changing it, just by choosing a nickname online and making friends thought it. After all, how many of us are not called also in real life by our nicknames? Bunny, Dragonfly, Wolf, Dankenzon, Hunter, Witch, Mia, Fayes and so on, all to the point where you feel really stupid, when you can't say what's your friend's real name, or what he or she looks like, because, dude, all you know are the posts, the icons and the nick name.

Some people never grow out of hating their name, others do, and then others get to love it so much that they call their kids by the same name. However, one really, really unfortunate name some people have, is their lastname. I have a very nice, simple lastname, thanks Hyne, but some people have trully ugly or stupid lastnames that translate to something like "broom", "murderer", "slaughter", "donkey", "fat", "thin", "hate", "war" and so on. Others seem to spell bad words, or carry a very unpleasant double meaning.

Though name changing might seem like something frivolous, why people don't make these unpleasant lastnames disappear?

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