Sep 8, 2009

Hair Matters - Again

Today I took a small trip down Memory Lane while looking at old pictures of mine, most of them from the time I used my hair short. The whole things started with me trying to find a picture of Roo, Lau and myself posing next to a giant Hello Kitty. The picture is still missing, but instead I found a great load of pictures, most of which I posted already in my Hungarian blog. (So sorry, but I think I won't repost here. Well, maybe a few ^_^)

The point, as I brownsed through the pics yesterday, was to see a few of my hairstyles through... well, not the times, but actually my college years and a few years after. It was somewhat like a post Dragonfly did where she shone from black hair to blond to redhead. Well, I went from short to half curly chin lenght to blonde wig to long. Then I realized that I also went from bony not "thanks Hyne I'm healthy". Interestingly it was during my working years that I became short from skeleton.

There's this picture of me with a blonde wig (coz' I'll never do THAT to my real hair... well, I think), and my shoulderblade actually STICKS OUT OF MY BACK! I remember back then I was so selfconscious because if I as much as hunched my back, my ribs stuck out. I always found such levels to skinniness downright hineous. Well, thanks Hyne and the All Mighty Coca-Cola, I'm no longer a bag of bones. ^_^

When it comes to hair, I love, love, LOVE short hair, which is why the only kind of wigs I love to try out and love to buy (though so far I only have one) are the short ones, or max. shoulder lenght ones. I know I look better with long hair, and I like my hair long, save when it's hot ot humid and I can't put my mane on someone elses's head. Then, it's incredibly annoying when you are sleeping, particularly with someone else, because your hair seems to be EVERYWHERE!

Hair gives us a look, though it is important to say that hair doesn't give us a personality, but it sure allows some sides of yourself get more or less exposed. After all, your hairdo is an expression of yourself!

I've this particular thing about remembering parts of movies I either haven't seen complete or never cared enough to remember whole. Well, there's this movie with Darryl Hannah, some clear eyed handsome actor and a brunette girl that played a French girl. They meet at some vacations in Greece. Darryl sports her long beautiful blonde hair, and this girl has a shiny, stylish brunette hairdo that suddenly looks Darryl's hair look messy and plain, if not downright boring and peasant. Either they ask her about her hair or the French girl tells it by herself, but the point is that she says that she cuts her hair each time she breaks up with a boyfriend.

The idea somewhat stuck with me: let your hair express the changes you go through. If you have had long hair and cut is short, you must know that feeling of freedom, of breaking loose. It's a lost, a departure, but also freedom, independence, like breaking up from chains that have weighted on you for so long. letting your hair grow, though, after cutting it short for a long time carries a feeling of revolution, of starting something new, of investment, of a project: you embarch on something that will demand your time, your patience, your effort, like watching a three grow. The expectation of how long will it grow, how long will it take, what will it look like, what will you be able to do with it...

Then, when we look back in time, pictures in hand, we can smile and remember what it was like when we were that young and wore that hair and those clothes. ^_^

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Dragonfly said...

I really like how do you look with the blonde hair.... but hair really matters....


Happy day!