Sep 23, 2009

The Political Voices of Women

I was browing around today (among doing other things) and I found this article/entry/Hyne-alone-knows that listed political blogs written by women. It is called "The Political Voices of Women". Naturally I felt driven to it, even started reading one of them. First of all, at least the ones I've tried so far are not 100% politically charged, though there's here and there a mention of political views. The first one I read was "A Brain Like Mine: Diary of a Feminist Housewife". Yeah, the title is catchy, but when you screen through plants and recipes, and you have to google what the hell is a sourdough starter, because, honest to God, it sounds much like a new kind of pet, such as a Tamagochi, or your regular Gizmo, well, you realize that not all of them are a journal into politics. Others, like "American Princess" are more about politics, but with a "flare", so to say. This one does roll around political figures and notes on them, though not necesarily performing a full blown autopsy on the political environment and situation, but more like a "Live from the White House's Red Carpet" kind of gossipy thing. Well, there are, after all 500+ blogs to browse from, so you may find just about anything, evidently, from "Michelle Obama's Guardrobe" to "Taking the children to the camp and sharing recepies with the other mom's".

It kind of, then, made me think whether my blog, this blog, is a political blog and whether I should or shouldn't enroll it in the list. Politics... yes, I like it, but I view myself more as an opinionated female, who likes to write in Technicolor and will rant just about anything, than a political blogger. Then again, why would I like to list my blog? Well, certainly the idea of knowing more people, people with a specific kind of liking and minding would be nice. A small group of political women, chatting over the internet, exchanging e-mails, comments and posts is charming, but how realistic is to get there? Probably all I'd get would be attention, undiscerning, gray, hungry, ripping attention, and I would hate that. Attention can be such a pestering, horrid thing. Not to mention I'm not sure I would really-really like (more) people reading about me bitching about work or my friends, with which I'm so freaking generous. Hey, it's the truth. Anonymity has its benefits.

On the other hand, could I get the kind of attention I'd like to receive? For my political posts?

Visit Political Voices of Women Community

A mail has been circulating lately, and I would love to find a way to lift it out of Costa Rica and give it to the world, in hopes that the world might do something with it. I've been thinking around to write to the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Al Gore, Greenpeace... anyone, because this blog is just too small, too anonymous and too private to scream it out to the world.

The issue that gets me going is the Crucitas mine topic. The levels open corruption is taking are simply outrageous. Disrespect to professionals only because they don't share the opinion of the President and his brother, the Prime Minister (and BTW, our Constitution forbids relatives to work within the Government) and all their goons and syncophants, objectivity trumped for the benefit of a few, communities openly blackmailed to allow destruction in their land "or else", disrespect for our Representatives, but only those that do not agree with the President and his "Circle of Chosen Ones".

Heidi Murillo, a brave lady fighting to save the land, save the endangered species that live in the area, and save the community, the whole country, if you like, from the inminent cianure poisoning of the many water sources that feed lots of communities, took part of a commission sent to overlook the mining site and the activities of the mining company, Infinito Industries, only to be mistreated in ways that clearly go against the most basic civil rights and human rights. Pro-Government Representatives traveled in comfortable 4WD cars, while those protesting the presence of the mining company where forced to march on foot for miles, under the scorching sun, only to be silenced at the designated sites. More like a childlike attitude, it was open agressivity, open disregard of the voice of the people they no longer pretend to represent.

This country, that once praised itself about being the Land of Democracy, the First Latin American Democracy, the Land of Peace, ruled by a Nobel Prize, has chipped away. All the lying, embellishing varnish has peeled away under the pressure of the scum happening. What democracy lives in a country where the people is shamelessly mislead, tricked? Where elections and referendums are arranged? Where the President doesn't hide his satisfied smile at the begining of a Referendum because it was been arranged to favor his position? What democracy remains in a country where the people has no voice? Where a Presidential Candidate can ignore the press, ignore debates, ignore questions and still be elected in fraudulent elections? Someone tell me, please about the democracy living in a country where the president of a public institution can be removed because he dared to sue the brother of the President for not endorsing the funds the institution needs and the institution is entitled too, to work?

Democracy in a country where nothing was done against the companies that forced their workers to participate in the political campaings that favored them, firing those who didn't supported them. Democracy in a country where companies FORCED their workers to take a picture of their SECRET VOTING BALLOT to prove they voted for the party that favored the company, or be fired. Then be fired anyway because the company needed a law to pass to sell to a transnational. Workers get screwed by being stuck with a law that takes away their rights, and on top of that their jobs get taken to slavery-patronizing countries.

Democracy, finally, in a country where lands protected by international agreement are given away to a gold mine, permission to destroy and poison land, flora, fauna and water, and the communities are lied to and all manifestations are forbiden, all questions prohibited and even environmental activists murdered. Because it's so democratic to call the community to a "rally for environment" sponsored by the very destroyer of it, offer pity-prizes to the poor schools around if the bring the biggest percentage of students to the "pacific manifestation", and the same flyer also disclaimes that no banners, no signs, no t-shirts with anti-company messages should be brought, and no messages voiced.

Democratic, right? That's Costa Rican democracy for you working at Crucitas.

Please, don't let it happen.

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Dragonfly said...

Bueno mi querida amiga, es cierto... tenemos una farsa a la que llamamos democracia, con la que engañamos a miles, con la que nos jactamos frente al mundo, además quien mejor para dirigir el circo que un Nobel de la Paz... De todas maneras... que "importa" deforestar, crear un caos ambiental, nada importa... si se es Premio Nobel de la Paz...

Que mal que en algunas otras latitudes si se crean la farsa...