May 11, 2009

Blah Wekend

I'd love to say that this was a peaceful and quiet weekends where I've got to rest and recharge with new energy, but it wasn't really so. First of all, I had plans for my Saturday, and they came crumbling down thanks to one lovely bank. Okay, okay, I didn't start my day on time, and I was delayed by: 1. trying to finish a letter in time, 2. babysitting my nephew, and 3. Skype-ing with my boyfriend. The day's tasks included going to the Post Office to mail a letter, which didn't happen because I've got there five minutes late. I was to go to the Banco Nacional to do a payment for the Oriflame account, which did happen... with a lot of difficulty, and then to go to the UCR and check on some material about artisanal fishing. This last one didn't happen due to the second task.

You see, I checked on the website of the bank which branches would be open and close to home. There was one that was supposed to be open from 9 am to 1 pm. Was it? No. Unlike in the website, on the door it said that it was opened from Monday to Friday. Hyne, if I would have been a cashier in a bank with that kind of schedules (from 8 am to 3 pm), I'll still be working there. So, I had to go to another branch. This one was in this commercial center. It opened at 1 pm, and since I arrived at 12:40 I thought I'll be one of the firsts. Big mistake. The line before the bank was DOUBLING the length of it. They didn't open at 1 pm, as they were supposed to, but later, and allowed in just some customers, so that the bank wouldn't look crowded, letting the rest of us standing there. Wel, for someone who stood in the queu fifteen minutes before the actual opening hour, I was let in in the FOURTH batch of customers. Inside you could sit, but it's not like at home in the Raiffeisen or any other decent bank. Oh no. In here it looks worse than the public health center. Add to it, for amusement you can watch Animal Planet, the only place where that disgraceful "Crocodile Hunter" seems to keep living. Hell, and here I thought I would no longer be bothered by his assholeness. Why can't they keep dead people dead?

After two short hours, and a hell of a starving, I finally managed to get through with my three minute transaction. I was too tired and too annoyed to get on two buses all the way to the UCR and try and find something usable about "artisan fishermen" when truth to be told, why in the fucking hell would we need any of that stuff when we have experts and we have read enough material already?

So I went home, popped in Henry and June and relaxed, slept and did nothing.

Thing is, people, there's a sad fact: private enterprises are shit because unless you are a big muckety-muck, they won't even talk to you unless it is to squeeze money from your pockets. Public enterprises, on the other hand pretend to be the non-plus-ultra because they are "State owned", so they are like "of the people", and so they think they can treat you like crap.

They are all disgusting.

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