May 1, 2009

Seven Weird Things About You

My friend Dragonfly just tagged me to do this "Seven Weird Things About You" MEME of which I do have a small concern... mainly that I'm not sure I have seven people to tag for it, but I guess I'll try, so to all my tagged friends, sorry, but I had to do it... hehehehe. So, here are the rules of the MEME (I never understood why are they called MEMEs):

1. Create a link to the blog of the person who has challenged you. I did, but here it goes again:

2. Confess seven weird, strange, different, unique things about yourself and your blog/online personality. I'm getting there.

3. Link seven victims... friends to do the test. Hehehe... be afraid, be very afraid!

4. Notify them. I will!

Well, now my Seven Weidnesses. I don't really know what to write, not because I have no weirdnesses, but because you all already know them. Oh well, let's see.

I. Food: I have trouble telling people what's my favorite food, because, well, recently I discovered that it's Hungarian, but I always considered it to be... just food. I'm not much into eating, truth to be told, and I eat little, and I'm normally nauseated by what other people eat. Well, it's either that or people at my job have the tendency of bringing the most disgusting concoctions to lunch. I can be tremendously hard to please, and most of the time I eat and compliment food only for politeness. From the top of my head, the only people whose cooking I can eat anyday and I LOVE (because they are good) are Dragonfly's (pasta and focaccia! Add to it she makes sure it smells and tastes good, and that's very, very important to me), Ale and Ale's parents (oh dear Hyne! The supreme cooking of that house!), Marcsi's (and it's á-la-carte!), my aunt's (simply genius!), Skylar's (elegance and sophistication in every ingredient and every detail), my Mom's (duh)... and that's it. I like my cooking, which is why I keep doing it, plus, obviously, since I make it, I season it to my liking, though it has happened that I cook something and then I don't like it.

II. Resistance to Some Changes. Actually, for me it's very hard to change, but there are things that I can't change, or I just don't want to shoulder the emotional baggage that comes with that change. This is the case when I'm changing something I like and I've got very attached to, such as changing a color in my clothes or changing a watch brand or an ink color. Particularly watches and ink. It've come to the point where I rather have no watch than wear anything other than a Swatch. Not even for five seconds. I get physically sick thinking of wrapping another brand of watch on my wrist. So is with the ink. Sure, I can use red or green, but I write with black, and only with black, so I just can't simply can't use a blue ink pen. I either go and replace the cartridge in the pen or give it away, but I refuse to write with blue ink.

III. Warm Soda. I like warm coke. I can't drink it with no gas, but I love it when its warm, not hot or warmer than the environment, but when it's just slightly under the environmental warmth, for me is perfect! Also, I prefer canned coke to bottled, because it tastes better, more "pure", it sparkles and makes my tongue itch better. (Not to mention, opening cans makes me happy because of the sound, which is so tremendously refreshing I can feel it buzz and sparkle on my chest... and it reminds me of Aya's and then my days at BF with Roo.)

IV. Occultism and Medieval History. I've always liked the topic of witchcraft and occultism. However, all these things, in order to interest me, have to be historical, ancient. No UFOs or modern urban legends can hold my attention, but myths, witchcraft, old secrets, things with a medieval connotation intrigue me terribly. The Medieval history, culture, art, artifacts, traditions, beliefs, lores, they all interest me, particularly the European, continental stuff. Maybe it's because my Mom read us so many tales about witches and princesses when we were growing up, but I find everything so fascinating! Just thinking about all the books and secrets locked in the old monateries makes me want to sneak into them and find them!

V. Books. It's not weird, and it's not a secret, and probably is not unique, but I'm addicted to books. I however, mention it, because most of the people I know is not that crazy, or their library is not, exactly like mine. You see, I don't really have textbooks (save for a few Economics related books) or "mandatory reading" books in my shelves. I'm a sucker for novels, and so that's what I have. I get hooked on some topic and I practically sniff up every available book... that fits my standards. No, I'm not a "read everything that I can get my hands on" type, and add to it, I'm a slowpoke, and I mean a slllllllllllooooooooooooowwpoke reader. I read so slowly I'm sure the writer finished writing it faster than me reading it. Then, the book has to "speak to me". Before I buy something I check the book, keep it in my cart for weeks, or carry it around the bookstore, put it down, come some other day, flirt with it before I make up my mind and buy it. Books have something about themselves that seduce me. I love being surrounded by books, and there's a distinctive charm attached particularly to used books that makes them even more outstanding. A nice place, old, a bit worn, cozy packed to the ceiling with books is heaven for me, which is why I fell so much in love with Massolit in Krakow. (If I manage to do it right, I hid a link to the homepage of Massolit Books in the picture!) Books have a way to make you feel so good! They can get you in touch with yourself, and that can elevate you to such a delicious state of laidback achievement, make you owner of knowledge, fill your soul and make you feel... bohéme and philosopher. I'm addicted to that feeling. I'm addicted to the stories and the minds hid in books. I plain love books, and for many, that's weird.

VI. Red Shoes. For some reason I find red shoes beautiful. Of course, not some Converse shoes, but red shoes. Ever since I was a child all I have dreamed of was red shoes. Red clogs, red skates, red slippers, red lackered shoes, red tango shoes, red boots... It might be due to the tale of red shoes, which made you dance until you died, and yet, I have always found them fascinating. Curiously, however, I don't have that many red shoes, and never really had, and even if I have a pair, I hardly wear them. Hn, maybe on Monday I should put them on again.

VII. Loner. Even though I've a boyfriend now, and I love him, I'm still a loner. Loner in heart, loner in mind, and even if I share and sometimes share too much, I love being alone and being left alone. I love solitude. I love knowing that nobody is coming, sitting all alone at a table in a restaurant, write my journal, check my e-mails, write in my blog, sip a drink, read a book... and know that nobody will come, that I'm waiting for nobody, that theres no chance that I'll run into anybody who would take me away from myself. I love traveling alone, going to the movies alone, go shopping alone, read alone, sleep alone, eat all alone, work alone. maybe that's also why I love reading and why I love books: they ensure you complete loneliness.

Well, there you have me. Now I'm tagging:

1. Shota-Hunter Insane Deviations (well, an excuse and an opportunity to write)
2. Jeka B@sszuskulcs (kellett, bocs!)
3. Gitta
4. Shimmy Gin
5. Sandra Hill
6. Márton
7. Ann V.



Dragonfly said...

Well my dear friend... I really like your wierd thigs, adn I feel very proud about my food preparation... you have to come to my house again... and I show you all my secret ingredients... ha ha ha

Thanks Zsu... you are a good friend and I really like to see you.


Storm Bunny said...

Well, we are little bags of weird things, my friend! ^_^ As for your cooking, Dude, you rock!!! Just as creative you are with jewelry, so you are with food! Because, you know, there's people that dump ingredients in a pot, stir, serve and care for no details. I love the careful preparation of your cooking. And yes! I'd like to drop by some other day as well!

Thanks for being there. You are one of my really best friends in the whole wide world!

Anonymous said...

You have been to so many places and tasted so many foods that it is pretty logical to think you would have a picky palate. It is interesting to see that no fancy restaurant food has caught your attention as much as your friend's cooking, which is very endearing!

God forbid blue ink on your pen, I remember that one! :D Red shoes IS really interesting since aside from those pretty but deadly red boots that you can only walk small distances with, I dont know any other red shoes from you, Bunny! Something else I have not seen? you in a red blouse or t-shirt. I'm thinking you would look really cute on one... *Suddenly thought of Liz Hurley in that movie Bedazzled, dressed in sexy devil red* O.O!

I know you enjoy solitude a lot, which is why it's almost a sin when I meet you and right before I see you, there you are, happily reading or writing on dreamy stationery. There are many who choose to read and write as a way to cope with the sadness of being lonely, but the way you describe it totally matches the smile on your face when you are lost in words.

Mmm... lost in words... reminds me of a certain book with some BROTHERS on it!! -.-u.....