May 19, 2009

Skirts and Rain

It's "winter", it's the "holy shit, we are drowning in here" season, when rain pours down to generously on us it stops being generous. It also means that it's the "skirt season" for me. I know, "winter", which normally is related with cold, and it is cold in here too, is usually paired with trousers rather than skirts, but years of experience have told me that skirts and dresses are a girl's best friends in this unholy season. So, while the sky opens and pours free water on us, I'll be out there running in flowing skirts that range from "above thigh" to "just over the ankle". It's good, you know, because I happen to have more skirts than trousers, specially if you take in consideration that I just had to discard one of my pants because they don't fit me well anymore (it narrows too much on the ankle and looks too 80's for my liking), and then the 70% of all my trousers are, well, jeans.

There's a question lurking in the minds of the unfaithful, who can't see the rain-skirt relationship here. Well, for them I'll explain it simply. Probably you've seen or experienced that when it rains you tend to get wet. Even if you have a nice, big umbrella, and believe me, I have a HUGE TENT fro umbrella, truth is that your shoes and your pants tend to get wet. Unless you are so freaking, abnormally tall that your pants don't reach your heel, then it hardly happens to you, but for most of us, when it rains, the hem tends to either be dragged in the rain water or sprinkled with it with each step, which eventually ends up soaking the hem, and then the moist starts creeping up your legs. If, Hyne forbid it, there's rain AND wind, which is a usual thing in Costa Rica (not to mention the regular 5 to 10 cm of water covering the uneven sidewalks) the water is hit against your body quite evenly, except maybe a smaller portion of whatever the angle of the umbrella can cover. So getting wet up to the knees is quite common.

Men have to deal with this and probably stay all afternoon in the office sitting in wet pants, and I really feel sorry for them. Hyne knows I hate that feeling. However, God has granted me with the higher priviledge of being born female, which comes also with the universal right, all over the world, to use just about anything I want.

Even though you can find long skirts, and I have my fair share of them, skirts come in all sizes and we can actually wear them to go to the office. A skirt over the knees comes perfect in these days because then the only thing getting wet are my legs, and skin can be dried no problem with a towel (Note to self: get a small towel for the office). And even if it is longer, you can always gather it up with one hand. If it gets wet you don't have to take it off to dry it in the bathroom with the impossibly uncomfortable hand drier, but your can hold up the hem and be done with it.

Pair your skirt with boots, flat shoes, high heels, you name it, combine it with any top you want and you will still look like a million bucks. So yes, do you ask me about why do I put on my skirt for the rainy season? There's your answer.

As for the "mosquito" question, stockings. ^_^

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