May 19, 2009

Eye Spa, Mind Yoga, Soul Soothing

You know, a blog shouldn't be only about sharing your thoughts and believes and stuff like that, and telling the world how much you loath this or that person, but it should be a place where you share stuff you like. So I thought I'll share a few pictures I like, which my friends have sent me. Unlike you'd think, they are not all about Supernatural.


Degas - Dancer. He's definitivelly one of my favorite artists of all times.

Mucha - The Moon. My favorite artist, irrefutably.

Lalique - Peacock brosch. Without question my favotire jewelry maker and, let's call it "pret-a-porter" artist.

Guitar player - I don't like guitars, but some guitar players I like.

... I told you I like some guitar players... even if they don't shave, which I suddenly find so arounsing...

Unfortunatelly I can't find my recent pictures of Hyperion, so I guess this will be it. You see, there's not much "Supernatural", but more like "Lots of Natural" in stead. Not like anyone would be interested in checking out the Supernatural boys now. Sorry kids, pubic hair and guitars beat you every time.

(Yes, that's young Jensie. Doesn't he look just cute? Wouldn'y ou just eat him alive? More Sammy than our actual Sam. ^_^ Hell, this is why I love this kid!)

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