May 21, 2009

must share

It's a must.

On the other hand, I recently learned from someone completely unattached to my work circle, that a certain "lady" whom I used to know, who used to be a boss and for a brief period of time lost her "status" (but regained it by going to the asses that could give it to her) has a quite funny nickname. She's known as "la perruna", or "the bitch-like". Well, she is a prepotent bully, who wouldn't waste a second to stomp on anyone underneath her. It's amusing how many of her former subalterns have grown above her head, gotten from under her and rose to higher positions. As much as she can, she stays away from their "influence", for she knows she has generated so much resentment she will be squashed. However, can't she see she won't be able to run forever? Or does she thing that after more than 20 years stuck in the first level of chieftenship, just above the common proletarians, she will now somehow rise and get higher?

How delusional can people be?

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