May 27, 2009

Season of Rain, Skirts and Stockings

Today in the afternoon the sky broke loose and it poured. Well, this is Costa Rica, and when it rains it floods. I had told Kari about the rain in here, and he has told me he has never seen rain like the one I describe. Water up to your ankles, getting wet in every single occasion at least to knee high. Well, like I said before, it is time for skirts, skirts, skirts. I don't have a problem with that, but the thing is that I've been looking for my stockings and I just can't find them. Sure, I've a few panty hoses, which I hate, but I can't find my stockings. Something tells me I left them in Budapest. Gara ask Kari, just to be sure. That was swell, though, to leave my stockings home. What was I thinking? What am I supposed to wear now? My spider web panty hoses? (Yes, I do have spiderweb panty hoses and stockings.) Or the flame ones? Maybe the striped ones... Or maybe I should go bay to that Sex shop in San Pedro and look for the wool colorful Rainbow Bright stockings. Oh yes, that's one of the many pleasures that come around with the rainy season.

I know we are slowly getting to the International Female Fetiche topic: shoes, but why not to stop a moment at this quite underestimated piece of garment, the "stockings". With the blissful magic of stockings, you can protect your legs from cold, bugs, scratching plants (you know, thorny or those that can get you skin allergy), not to mention that opaque stockings are a blessing when you are too lazy to shave or (like me) you're afraid that the cold and moist in the air could resent your skin and get you those unsightly and painful red spots.

Many women don't like stockings or panty hoses because they find them uncomfortable and constricting. Well, I believe it's all a matter of finding the ones that fit you well. Soft, elastic... I prefer them thicker but less constraining. Stockings I favor over panty hoses because they fit my legs better. They come in one size, not ten thousand like panty hoses, so you can pick the color and don't worry for the size, or fighting with two sizes because you are in the very border and you hate it when they are too tight around your thigh or too baggy around your ankles. That's never trouble with your stockings.

The problem with stockings, for many, is that they tend to roll down and slide, which is why supenders were invented. They could hurt you if the hooks are too hard or too rough. I'd say check the hooks, make sure they are silicone, but the silicone doesn't touch your skin. Those that have "ribbon tails" siding the hooks are great. Then the elastic hem can be too tight sometimes, but the more you wear them, the more they stretch and they won't hurt anymore. Some people put them in the freezer over night and that helps too.

One other thing I like about stockings is that usually when a panty or a stocking ruins it starts on one leg only. With the panty hoses you have to throw them away, which is a bitch because sometimes some colors are hard to get, or seasonal, of Hell knows what. With the stocking you can save the good one for when another of the same color ruins, you still get a pair of your favorite color without having to hit the stores and go searching for the color you want and getting rows and rows of aweful colors like peach, papaya and hideous blues and cheap thin "blacks" or putrid small town mass-goer white.

Then again, really, one thing you should always know about stockings is that they shape nicely your legs and bring them out. They look good and make you look fantastic, not only warmer and protected.

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