May 29, 2009

Need for Blessed Fridays

Finally the Blessed Friday has come to our lives. The day when you can finally summon those beloved four letters of the most loved acronym ever: T.G.I.F. Week after week we don't get tired of saying them, because we simply never get tired of Fridays. For Hell's sake, they even made a Restaurant around this very concept! And don't we love it. ^_^

Unlike any other regular Friday at this time of the day, I'm sitting now at a Subway surfing the net with the unique aid of our beautiful assistant, Nagi, may Hyne bless his digital soul. Stuck in my faded conbat green cord bag next to my trusty journal, he's with me now, preparing for a long day, long meetings with friends and the time in between spent among us, doing what we do best: search the net and work on the thesis. Yes, I can do that with Vonnegut or Azrael, but there's nothing better than doing it with my faithful, trustworthy, beautiful Nagi-kun. Unlike you would think, no, I'm not bailing out of work, nor have I been sent on sickdays or anykind of "leave", but more like I had to come to the Sabana Norte building because the technicians need their broadband and equipment to treat Azrael, who received Wednesday his brand new winchester (hard drive, but can you blame me for rather using such a lovely name if I can?), so he had to be set ready to work, and comply to my desires.

Naturally Mr.B had to make sneaky remarks, on the line of "well, yeah, that's the excuse now", while frowning his nose and acting as if he were 6. Well, he is, only he forgot to tell his horrid body not to age.

I have no need to tell you how good this feels right now: a break from the dull of the office, even though now that I have talked to B's Boss, Mr.D, I'm much happier because I finally realized I do have a job to do and I finally understood my tasks. Hell, I've even spread out a new Post-It Mental Map for the job! It's amazing, the hard part now is to land it on a .doc, but the .ppt will be a piece of cake! ^_^

My plans for tomorrow are hectic because I can't remember whom I was supposed to meet. Needless to say that I didn't wrote down any apointment in my PDA, so there you go. Today I have a dinner with Li and Sunday I have Supernatural with Vic. Was I supposed to do thesis job with Mile tomorrow? Hn, I do have to press her for the 2008 and 2009 data analysis, so I can load it into the chapter and keep the tutor over his head with job.

Plans, plans, plans... days become a series of tasks to do and tasks to cross.

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Dragonfly said...

Querida Zsue... la vida se basa en planes... hasta para que comer, que no comer... La verdad es que si es importante que termines con tu tesis, pues tanto trabajo has puesto en ella.

Besos ;)