May 5, 2009

Open Door Policy

I can't but find it incredibly amusing, how Mr.B softly admonished me yesterday about me "wrecking havoc" when I don't like something instead of goint to him and telling him, reminding me that if I feel angry, I better go walk it off and then sit down with him and talk it over, since, you know, he has an "open door policy". Well, I sure can see that works, since I've been presenting to him the different problems I've been having with him and the process, the work load, the task assigned, the mediocrity, the lack of planning, of consistency, of "follow thru" with the projects and so on since, pretty much March of last year, while exercising a great amount of diplomacy, which is not natural in me, and therefore I'm afraid I've bruned my lifetime diplomacy supply on him. Oh, yes, I've e-mails detailing the problems observed, and memorable conversations. None of them had effect. Then I guess, that fatidic Monday's conversation made a dent, not to mention a certain "conversation with the Big Kahuna" that took place probably last week. It makes me smile, at the same time, how it is Mr.B himself who fends over and over that if you want to see something happen, you alway have to make it bigger and take it higher. Well, I'm very consistent, which makes me pretty proud about my work and my work ethics, so I don't blow matters up, in fact, I've the distinctive tendency of toning them down. However, thanks to my many lawyer friends and their influence in my thinking, I do follow due procedure and respect faithfully the chain of command.

So yesterday, as thing seemed to be going my way, and the "admonishing" was nothing but his way to admit that he was wrong, I was right, he was scared but would have commited harakiri before losing face, though he has long lost it, I simply smiled and pulled out one of my carefully tailored hypocrisy acts. Yes, I've honed them into a fine art. I smiled wide, and pulled out the child act with a sheepish face and baby voice. As usual, it worked like a charm.

Today two more things were revealed: one, there's people in the other direction seeking a person just like me, so yeah, I'm sending my application, see if I can apply a bit of pressure, or at least place my eggs in different baskets. Two, I've heard that there's a restructuring coming on. Nothing big, only a few departments will disappear and the people will be absorbed by the remaining departments. I would have hoped this department to get vanished, but I guess I did a terrific job out of saving ass. Well, I might as well profit from it... and I gara do it before people gets into my turf.


Dragonfly said...

WTF... I am with you....


Storm Bunny said...

Exactly, my friend. The reasons of this start with his famous answer, given in January, 2008: "porque yo soy el jefe", followed by what seems to be the common wisdom in here: "lo que es bueno para el ganso no es bueno para la gansa".