May 22, 2009


I won't spend much time on this, for there's not much to say anyway. I just heard, thanks to Yahoo! about the "Bible Bill", according to which a congressman, if I'm correct came up with the idea of making 2010 the "Bible Year". Okay, first of all, the idea is kind of stupid, but then again, the US is famous for inventing all kinds of "year themes", so why not? There have been worse ideas aproved. The thing is that all kinds of non-christian organizations came up protesting for it. This reminded me the case, not long ago about a town in the US where some non-christian group wanted to put a sign of their religion on a square where each year a Christmas tree was set up. Permission was denied and these people took it to the court.

First of all, a country, and as far as I know every country in the world, has an OFFICIAL RELIGION. Costa Rica is catholic, just as Hungary. So, I guess the US also has an official religion, which I'm sure is christian. Whether Anglican or Catholic, I can't say. The thing is, in all countries there's an official and many minor religions. Sure you have the freedom to practice whatever religion you wish, or don't practice any at all, but the country still holds itself to one, and that's the one it might decide to honor, period. And that's good. Why? Not because then they are "minimizing" or "bullying" other religions, but simply to keep a certain order. After all, really, all we need now is an arrange of christian, muslim, jew, wicca and satanist signs everywhere.

There's an official religion, just like there's an official language and an official economical and political order. Streets won't be marked in every available language, nor a king will be chosen for those who believe in monarchies, so no multi-religious crap will be followed.

Fuck it, people. Live with it.

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Dragonfly said...

Bueno Zsue... esto tampoco es un tema al cual me guste mucho referirme, pero estoy en completo acuerdo que a los Gringos se les ocurren "años de..." de lo más estúpido posible...