May 12, 2009

Short Comments

Unlike some people who prey on bloggers to post their entries as "comments", and so generate long, almost Proust-like volumes as "comments", I'll actually write today a very, very short entry, mostly because I've no time.

There's an article that has kept me thinking. Yesterday I read in the news that Health Care centers seek to voluntarily reduce costs. I wonder one thing: how will they do it? If they lay-off people, they can attend less patients. If they decide to "cut superfluous consultings", who will decide what's important and what's superfluous? Because, I don't know you, but I certainly don't go to the hospital to amuse myself, and maybe a case of, lets say, migraine is not nearly as bad a diabetes or cancer, but fuck if I'm not suffering for it, and if I pay for the service, I'm entitled to get it. So, how is this going to happen?

Today in Costa Rica the news said that our Social Health Care Institution, CCSS, is low NOW on epilepsy medication TOO. The purchase has to be done, and it may take some days. So, epileptics, no seizures! I can't help but wonder if this is also a "miracle" of the CAFTA. After all, now it is illegal to make or purchase generic medicines, and, well, none-generic ones are very expensive. Our social care is slowly depleting, left dry and penniless and all those who requiere medication, treatment have three choices: 1. get fucking rich and pay for it, 2. remain poor and die from a sickness that could be treated, or 3. turn to the world of crime where you can break into farmacies or get medication through a black market similar to that of the cocaine. Then, naturally, you can go also kidnapping people to get ransom to pay for your medication (like the 24 hour kidnappings, so usual here), or any other kind of crime. After all, it's no longer like in the old days. Today crime does pay, and it pays a hefty amount.

Thank you, Capitalist Pigs.


Dragonfly said...

Ajajajajaja... sabés que me encantó esa imagen... tengo rato de estarme riendo... ya sabes con todo este tema de la gripe porcina y el CAFTA que atacan al país, no podria haberse mezclado de mejor manera.


Storm Bunny said...

Ni se me había ocurrido la conexión! Hahahahaha! De verdad que está muy buena!