May 28, 2009

Broadcast Co.s want to kill "Free"

It's kind of ironic that in English the word "free" means both free as in freedom, and "free" as in you don't have to pay for it. So Mr. Malone, from Liberty Media (another big irony) has pledged alliance to Mr. Murdoch's camp and raised their banner: "INTERNET CONTENT SHOULD NOT BE FREE ANYMORE". Yeah, actually anyway you put it, it sounds Hyne-awful. Then again, can you actually say that Internet Content comes free to you? There's an Internet Access that must be stablished, and unless you happen to find a laptop with WiMax or WiFi laying around, functional and in a hotspot, you have to actually to put some money into it. Get the computer, but then I guess that's not something that has anything to do with the Internet. You gara subscribe into some Internet profiding plan, but then again, what does that has to do with the Internet, right?

Being able to acces your e-mails, the news you read, the blogs you like, the forums where you participate, the online stores where you shop, your friends across the world to marvel how you have to rush, at 17:00 hours your boyfriend to bed because he's in a timezone where he's already at midnight, and he really should be hitting the bed while you greet your dear friend and human memory back up, who is in Japan, taking his breakfast and rushing to the Go Tournament; all them require you to do a payment. If not you, your parents, your partner, or your company does it, but someone has to lay down the dough so you can step in.

It doesn't surprise me that these ideas come from these big corporations, which by default believe that the only humans worth of having their rights respected are that infamous 20% that owes the 80% of the wealth in the world, and the rest of us are cockroaches. "No money, no rights" seems to be the general message given out. And if you have no money, you can't access to those minimal things modern life requires.

If we take the meanings of "free" given by the English language, we could say that the Internet will stop being free in all of them. It's not only a matter of having the money to access it, but certainly, the more money you have the more you can manipulate the content uploaded. Something like what happens in China, only it will be Corporations banning content (which isn't called Censorship, by the way), and deciding what can the mass know. Well, the dreams of the 90's, fueled with big yeppie hopes has finally collapsed. Bye-bye Global Village and hello to the pay tolls on the Information Super Highway. People under the lucky 20% of the population are no longer entitled to know, research, get the data or even have an opinion, but for a fee, they can have Mr. Murdoch's opinion. That isn't as bad as it sounds, now is it, Mr. Malone?

Finally, as an exposure of the Fantastic Capitalism, for all those stupid proletarians that believe that the State must go because they buy the bullshit Liberal Speech of enterprises, it has finally become more and more evident that companies are out there to squeeze you out of your money. They want your taxmoney to stay alive and pay millionaire bonuses to their top executives, who have sent the companies sliding down the sewer. They want you to buy their cars, but they won't give you a job to be able to pay for it. What are you supposed to do? Join the Mexican Drug Cartels? Now, since the big companies can't pay enough for advertisement, the already fat capitalist pigs of broadcast companies want to take YOUR money so that they can still be the richest s.o.b. they have always been, swim in champagne, dress with money and drive gold cars while you are trying to make it somehow by the end of the month.

Funny how this very situation reminds me of that of France in the end of the century. Maybe Mr. Murdoch and his acolytes should be careful and make sure they don't cross paths by any chance with Madame Guillotine.

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Dragonfly said...

Ay Zsu... hay cada gente en el mundo y en la vida, que se anda tratando de aprovechar de los demás y de sacar provecho de todo...

Besos :)