Jul 10, 2009

Alcohol Gel

People around me is getting sick, and when I say "sick" I mean "got the rotavirus" sick. Bosses, coworkers, the whole deal. So I'm frantically rubbing my hands with alcohol gel. Dude, I look like one of those crazy neat-freaks. It doesn't help either that our floor's new cleaning lady is a major pain in the ass, who likes to chat all day, stick her nose in other people's business, mock us and leave her cleaning utensils on the hallways, her dirty, smelly rags on ANY available surface, make it a chair, a shelve, a DESK, and is too incompetent to change a roll of toilet paper or even a bag of that gooey pink stuff that passes for "soap" at the toilets. You know that disgusting stuff, do you? That looks like gay ectoplasma? Yes, the same. So yeah, what option do you have? Rub your hands with a dollop of alcohol gel.

Then, I really, really wish the gel didn't had a "sticky phase" when you are rubbing it, because I hate that feeling, like when you get hair gel in your hands and it's drying up and becoming glue. Then again, maybe is the brand I use. I use this Bactex little thingie even though I have another brand too (If, from Moi), mainly because this has a smaller bottle that's so much convenient to carry around.

The first time I used this gel was when I entered the bank. All tellers got a bottle from the bank, and we could always ask for more. This because we handled money. Then I met the product and met the brand, but I don't remember it being so... sticky. Could it be because it uses stuff they use also forn hair gel, like propilenglycol and poliacrylate?


Dragonfly said...

Well my dear Zsue, I really love Alcohol gel and I alway have one in my purse... And I have one on my office desk... I really love it.


Storm Bunny said...

^_^ I remember.You showed me the if. However it kinda worries me because it doesn't list the components, but only says it has alcohol as main component.