Jul 15, 2009

Media Whores

Everyday more and more "reality shows" and other "Celebrity Seeks"x kind of programs are crowding the tv these days. Maybe this kind of shows are a trademark of an era, just like the contest progams were people went to answer all kinds of questions or guess letters or something of the sort. So maybe this is a sign of the traditionhal tendency of the mass media to stupidize people around the world and offer them something to keep them aenestesized, turning them into zombies that wouldn't interfere with the ambitious plans of those who really run the world.

The first reality shows were stupid but somewhat entertaining. Do anyone remember them? "The Real World". Soon it was obvious that they picked the people depending on their personality in order to ensure conflict. After all, people can actually live nice and cordial lives with little conflict, but who would watch that? In order to raise attention, there must be a "dysfunctional" element, someone to hate, someone to break the harmony and get people on each other's throats, ganging up against each other. Soon more and more of these "reality shows" started to appear, where "regular people" were the stars, even if they were only for a moment.

Thing is that soon waning celebrities decided that they wanted a piece of the cake. Celebrities "invited" the audience to their lives, and you've got to see them in their PJ's, living in a world that made you realize that they are not like us even if they speak like us and curse like us (or worse). Some of those took off, some of those don't, some costed marriages, some were too invasive. Thing is that other celebrities and celebrity wannabes saw in them the potential to get back to the limelight. It was then when the reality-contest-shows came. "Next American Idol" and all it's spinoffs, that never really made it to produce a real, time resisting celebrity. But let's say that has "some" potential, some sense, sice it's like making the market study, and then create the "need" before launching the product. But what about the shows where with whatever excuse a celebrity or celeb-wannabe tortures a group of people, forcing them through a series of stupid tests, eliminating them week after week?

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart made "The Apprentice", where they put people to test dangling before their eyes a position in their companies. Really. Can't they just pick someone through man power and buy off an executive from another company like any other enterprise? This idea of putting people through a series of games and stupid tests as a job interview is something of a very, very, very long shot. Well, they needed to get back to the scene and project an image. Martha was in jail for tax fraud and Donald won't admit that he filed for bankrupcy three times, four during this recent crisis. Yeah, they needed a show to get people talking about them and buying their stuff.

Then other celebrities came with longer shots. Two dunderheads came with reality shows to get attention, one claiming to look for love, and another for a best friend. Okay, who is going to believe that? At this point it's obviously just a scheme to get attention. And they apply the well known formulas learned from years of reality tv: get an annoying element that will always wreck havoc among the participants and keep things happening all the time. The celebrity doesn't interact much with them, only to establish its status of "prize" and "master of the circus". The group is composed by sycophants screaming constantly "I love you x!!!", desperate celebrity pleasers, phony, immature people that take every available chance to rip each other into pieces.

So what goes on? It's all about people seeking fame. No one is "honest", they just play the game to get their 15 minutes and stretch them for as long as they can. It's all about the attention, all about getting in the media, and through the media become "celebrities", known celebrities. They do anything for the media, and so they whore out.

People in those shows are nothing but whores.

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