Jul 17, 2009

Crammed Hours

Each Friday the first thought in my mind when I sit down to write the entry of the day is: "Oh Hyne, it's Friday Again! How awesome! Lets celebrate with a couple of brewskies!". And it's because each Friday feels like a completely different day, like a day I haven't had in such a long, long time. The sad thing is, what makes people desire Friday so much? Sucky jobs, that's what makes Fridays so appealing. Then, is my job sucky? Because if it is, I should resign, shouldn't I? Well, my "job" itself ain't sucky per se, but it sucks big time thanks to the relentless effort of Mr. B to make it a tortuous experience like no other. What sucks is Mr. B, the job itself would be, otherwise, great.

The weekend is coming rather fast our way, and the plans for each of its hours start to pile up like bricks on a fabulous structure. It's amazing, in this sense, how we brick up our week days with activities, packing the hours tight with activities, moving around things in our PDAs, filling each second with appointments, to-dos, deadlines, people to meet, meetings to attend, meetings to coordinate, calls to do and so on. Then come the weekend, which you are awaiting so desperately, only to flip your PDA out again and fill each of your free seconds with more duties. Bills to pay, queues to make, errands to run, people to visit, dates to keep, chores to do. What's the point of the weekend if we are going to do the same thing as in the week days? Shouldn't there be a difference? Why can't we just book those precious two days with "I'll do whatever the hell I feel like doing". Spend all day in bed surviving on beer and chips, or do unexpected things, go wherever you want in the very moment the idea occurs to you. Go to the movies or out to get a coffee without first calling your friends and coordinating with them. Go where you want because you want, and cut out the "democratic" factor out of the question. Don't depend on the plans of others, but go because you want to go. Don't wait for the consensus of the group before going to a movie, maybe sacrificing your first choice because "The Collectivity" decided to go for Terminator instead of Transformers. You go have KFC because you want KFC, and don't subject yourself to a group where the Official Veggie Member and the Undecided-But-Don't-Like-What-Others-Propose run the show, which ends up with everybody usually cramming up some Quizno's or Taco Bell where you are left with no crispy chicken and biscuits with grape jam.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to hang out with my friends (but then again, not all of you have friends as cool as mine, because, I'm so sorry to tell you, I've the coolest friends in the world. Paris Hilton would kill for one of my friends), but the thing is that we still put up these "schedules" and make all these "plans" and all the "constricting" structure we build up around a moment together. Why can't you go to the movie, and once you're there you call your friends and say:

"Dude? X movie theatre is playing "Fast and Furious: Original Parts, New Edition". Interested?"

Another thing is, when you won't go out, or your friends won't go out because they are short on cash. Dude, the idea is to BE with your friends, so money should be not a factor. Meet at your place, their place, and if both of you life far, far away from each other, well, think of something that you can do without spending any money. Go sit on a park bench, meet at a library, meet at the university, sit at the diner of the University (usually you can just hang out there and consume nothing, as students usually claim the chairs and tables to study or do homework, tests and stuff), go window shopping, meet at a mall (commercial center), chat at food courts and hall benches... I mean, really, posibilites are endless. Share a coffee and a smoke, or a chewing gum... talk over a book... there are so many ways, if you are willing to think outside your wallet.

You don't have to plan it, you don't have to calculate your budget for it, you only have to let yourself go and enjoy it. You can do that, now do you? Just leave the PDA on the craddle, and be free.

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