Jul 13, 2009

Fastest Entry Ever

On a time limit of 6 minutes, I do feel like writing down my thoughts here. Well, actually this was something I wanted to write down yesterday, but I was very busy... uhhh... watching tv, washing my hair and waiting for over six hours for an episode of Supernatural I've seen way too many times. Hell, I really am a fan. So, my thoughts are:

* I don't like Lipstick Jungle. It's a poor quality series with an empty "Aaron Spelling"-like formula in the back. "Successful" women in high fashion dresses, perfect hair and make up live troubles and dramas that are way out of the league of any common human being. Oh, and they are not touched by the financial crisis. Awesome, another healthy spoonful of deception for the masses.

* Maybe it's too much Supernatural in my system, or too many horror movies in the TV, and that includes Hallmark channel lately (Hell, the world has come to an end, horror is family friendly entertainment), but I've caught myself thinking about the kind of monster I'd be if I were one. Say I die and become a ghost. I'd be a ghost related to three elements: water, moon and green. Probably then, I'd leave a trace of water, make it water itself, or the sound of it. Maybe the sound of a stream in the far, or an open fawcet would be the sight of me being close. Maybe the sound of rain. Walls and floor getting wet with a layer of flowing water. Naturally, I'd kill my victims by drowning them, or choking them with water. I'd appear only on a certain phase of the moon, but thought I like the full moon, and that gives more strength to the water, and would allow me to create stronger tides to capture my victims, I think I'd prefer the waning moon, so that my deeds would finally be swallowed by the darkness of the new moon. Ad for the green... hhnnn, my ghost would appear like a woman in the water, in a tall wave or in a water mirror, reflected from the met walls, ceilings and floors, and will have long green hair, greenish skin, like covered with moss, and greenish clothes. Eyes remain pitch black.

Haven't thought yet about how could my ghost be defeated or sent to sleep for ever. Maybe next time I'll come up with something equally crazy and clever.


Dragonfly said...

well I hate lipstick jungle, becouse those beatches always haver almos everything they want... that's not a real life, and.. supernatural boys are prettier :D


Storm Bunny said...

Well, that's a fairly realistic POV. Sure, Supernatural has all that "supernatural" element, which, DUH, is the point of the series, but the guys struggle, manage somehow and are hotter than a plane to Hell, while the Lipstick Jungle is all fake, all pretension and who wants to watch women anyway?