Jul 26, 2009

Breaking Up With The FB

This is a busy-busy weekend for me. Tomorrow I'll have an interview with a boss from our Tehcnical Direction, and I'm preparing for it as if I were back in the University and studying for finals. (Only I don't have my notes and all my books previously highlighted, which always made the difference.) This boss ain't like the "Best Boss in Town", actually he's quite a nightmare, playing favorites, being irrational about things and so on, BUT he has the added value, which means a lot to me, that he works on the Economics side of the company, demands a lot and could really put me back in my career, which on the mid-run would mean a very big benefit for me: an improved, rich CV to present at home. Besides, it will be only a year and a half (God willing).

I had to cancel a date with Shimmy, which I was expecting so much, and had to decline other meetings with friends to do amazing things such as going to lunch at one of our favorite places, going to the movies and also going to the gym, for a spinning class, which I really need. My legs would certainly benefit from a bit of shaping up. So I piled up, like back in the University, with rulebooks, regulations and financial reports and sat down with a bucket of colored highlighers (I'm one of those people that highlight according to a color code), a note pad and a pencil and started delving into the depths of a world I've been casted out for too long to lick my wounds now. So yeah, I've been off the picture in many, many levels, connecting to the Internet only to meet with my boyfriend, or to read my e-mails.

I received a message from a Hungarian friend of mine, Emmy, through the iwiw, a Hungarian profile site, which works much like the Facebook, but much simpler (more awful too, since you can run intomy mother-in-law there @_@). In here I've 20 contacts, which are already too many for me, so I'm thinking on who I gara wipe out and who I gara keep. Compared to my FB account, well, it's not so high, since there I keep a list of 30 people on. 30 people and that I gara start shaving. So, thing is that this got me thinking about the profiles I keep. I can give use to my iwiw because that's the way I have to communicate with some of my friends back at home, but what about my FB?

Thing today with the FB is that they play too much on the apps they offer. FB becomes a playing protal where you either give up your personal info for quizzes, and games. Haiko Pets were a big hit, and then there are these "Sorority Life" sisters you play with. The haiko Pets weren't as evident as the sisters. The message behind this game is awful. you pick a college girl avatar, dress her up, and you have to pick a job (if you have enough money to pay for it), and spend all your time and effort socializing, fighting other sisters, going to the spa and shoping. And it's not about buying the things you might need, but to buy to be popular, buy to be charming. I don't know if there are kids playing this game, but the point is that this, either way, reinforces into people the idea of money being needed in order to be popular. And if you are not popular, and you are not fighing and debasing others, they you get trumped. Your life is all about getting pretty things, because pretty things make you worth more, make you stronger.

So how's that? What about living a simple life, delving into other activities? No, there's no space for that. Because, really, if you area in a sorority, aren't you supposed to be in College, and so shouldn't you be studying? No. Life is not about that.

Thing is that there's the real life where you work and pay bills and so on, and there's a cyberlife, to which people access to escape, but do you want that escape to be shallow? Meaningless? Do you want it to be poisonous? Or do you want it to enrich your life?

I chose to enrich. Thing is that I decided Sorority Life doesn't worth it for me anymore, so I won't play it anymore. I won't kill the girl, for I believe Dragonfly needs her in her house, but a game that goes into you putting your own real life credit card money for winning, hurling over friends so that the database of these people gets bigger and they get to sell more data for advertizings, ain't my kind of game. I won't add strangers to get people into my house, and I won't give my data around.

So sorry, game's over.

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