Jul 5, 2009

A Weekends of Thinking and Realizations

This weekend I finally finished watching all Supernatural episodes. Can't say I'm an expert, but yes, I've seen them all. ^_^ That makes me happy. Though maybe I should have been doing something else during these days (work, thesis, etc), I took it again to rest, rest, and pay credit cards... as usual. This made me happy this weekend. I didn't care for aynthing, only for relaxing, getting a little of movement, and disconnecting from the hell-weeks I've been going through at the office. I'd say, honestly, that's really bad when paying your bills makes you feel awesome.

I paid a quick visit to my friend Laura, who had for me a lovely birthday present: a Victoria's Secret Body Push, which is half a purple milk and half some transparent liquid that remains in the bottom. We talked some about the hellish jobs we have, and I'm convinced, despite the recent, outrageous invasion to personal matters, that her boss, a former boss of mine, is far worse than my current boss. We also talked about our friend Roo, who recently lost her father to diabetes. I'd love to send her my condolences, but she sent an e-mail to Laura telling her that she didn't want to receive no calls and no letters from us, so shall we stay put and away until she says so. People grieve strangely, or maybe it's more accurate to say that everybody grieves on a very personal way, but her way, pushing us away, when she was the first to call and call when Laura's grandmother died, is a tad too far from normal.

Roo makes me think of people. Why does she does with others and advises others things she would not accept for herself? She kept saying that Mary had to break from her mother in order to grow up and become a woman on her own, but she let her family enslave her and her sisters in order to be on call 24/7 for the whims of an irrational mother, an extremely selfish and immature brother and a chovinistic father. She insisted that Laura shouldn't be left alone when her grandmother died, and yet she requested to be left alone when her father died. She talked down the LKY kids for being so sickly involved in animé and don't seeking a life outside it, being so unable to talk about anything but yaoi and animé, and currently her only topic of conversation is yaoi and animé series. So what's this all about? Because one thing is to evolve, move on, change your mind, and something entirely different not to be consequent. I mean, sure, I happen to say I won't do this and do it anyway, like when I've got mad to a friend of mine and I was dead set on not talking to him again, and yet I did and we are as good friends as we used to... hey happens. But one thing is to bitch about a friend and then come to terms, and completely another is to swear to your ideal and convictions and then going against them.

Interestingly, one of the most consistent people I've known from the old group, is Carrie. She evolves and she's multi-topic, so you can sit down with her and talk about a wide array of things that go from yaoi to Supernatural, 80's music, gossip, work, news... maybe only telecommunications are out of her reach, but then again, pretty much all I.T. is out of mine.

From time to time it happens that you remember out of the blue something you used to like and find out that you still like it. Well, this time happened to me with carrots and celery. On Friday Carrie, Kate and I went to Bill's and there the snack plate had a small portion of celery and carrot sticks. It was suddenly like waking up to an old, forgotten dream. Carrie looked at Kate and I odd, as we chewed and swallowed one by one the sticks.

"Is that any good?" she asked us.

Well, we passed the chicken, the fish, the pork, the meat, the fried yuca and the french fries, I'd say it was pretty obvious. So yesterday I went to seek these two delicious vegetables. Celery wasn't so hard to find, but carrots were an odysey. At the end I ended up buying some less-than-perfect carrots, because I really, really wanted them, but couldn't shake off the horror of seeing so many crappy vegetables, and then the outrageous prices big supermarkets dare to charge for them. Maybe the quality will be better in the market, even though the idea of rats pissing on the vegetables doesn't make them any more tasty.

Every Saturday there's a marketplace set up on a street. People go there rolling little wire carts, pulling around their "market bags" and roll around in a sea of people, from seller to seller in makeshift stands displaying fish, shrimp, chicken, yuca, ňampí, camote, potatoes, tomatoes, chayotes, oranges, lemons, apples, pineapples, cas, blackberries, strawberries, jocotes, mamones, grenadines, guavas, water melons, cantaloupes... you name it. It's one of those things that sort of stay with the culture, one of those old things, traditions that haven't been eaten up by globalization and transnational corporations that sell overprices stale carrots and crappy vegetables. Might get around there next Saturday, if I wake up on time, see if at least there is left some decent freshness around there.

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