Jul 14, 2009


The coke at home lost all it's gas. Hell, how I hate that. So I've been thinking I should keep here also a stash of cans for "just in case" situations. The problem with "secret stashes" is that you tend to attack them quite fast and so they quickly go depleted, unless you keep hundreds and hundreds of safety stashes all over the place. The coke situation is critical, kind of like a smoke situation or a fix situation. The bad thing is that coke cans can't be stashed as easily as a pack of smokes or a fix, so my job with it is harder. Dude, I sound like a junkie here, but then again, when it comes to Coca-Cola, that's what I am. No point in denying it.

Today I did my best to have a calm day, which was easy given the fact that some annoying factors were out of sight. I delved into rutinary activities that helped me lower stress levels, and then stimulate the creative side with a small proyect that could do the difference in a slideshow I'll prepare as a side dish for a tiny little project I compiled in 94 pages after Mr.B fucked up the original, and perfectly good 74 page version. Hell, that still pisses me off, buut then that's what happens when someone without the knowledge or the vision, who never moved a finger to get involved, really involved in the project pretends to present it.

So, while I worked ahead in my new assignment, which has been my regular assignment since I started in this star crossed process, I thought about the presentation and way to make the project airtight.

Then I came home, and turned on the tv. Was greeted the great news that NCIS is coming back to AXN this Friday, where they'll present the season that finished a few weeks ago on CBS, or NET1 or whatever that channel wants to call itself. NBC or whatever. The point is that NCIS will be back, and that's AWESOME! Sure, NCIS is no Supernatural, which, really, is awesome ^_^, but I totally love, loooooooove, looooooooooooove NCIS, from McGee, DiNozzo, Ziva, Abby and Gibbs all the way to Ducky. (It's Ducky, right?). Well, I don't like Jen, which is why I'm actually glad she was offed. She was the "Ruby" of NCIS: the woman doing nothing but eing in the way. Because, let's face it, no matter the sexual tension between Ziva and DiNozzo, Ziva is too much of a butch to ever come between DiNozzo and either Gibbs (a total canon) or McGee (which has it coming!). Abby is so much fun, and such a child, she couldn't threaten a maggot.

Mental is a series that didn't really make it for me. I really had expectations with it, but episode after episode, the series didn't make it. It's like "The Mentalist" meets "Dr. House" on a psychiatric ward and it goes all wrong. To tell you the truth I started to watch the series because the main character strips naked in the first episode. And that was it. I didn't get to see him as much as in the trailer. Well, that's true to the rest of the series as well: they are not what they pretend to be. They are just an excuse to get actors and a crew paid. Period.

All other series I watch, I watch pretty much as "filling" for when I've nothing better to do. Do you do that too?


Dragonfly said...

I love NCIS... I really do...

Would you want a Cherry Coke?


Storm Bunny said...

I'd murder for one!! Maybe this Saturday I'll go to the Auto Mercado and grab a good number of cans for my stash.

You like NCIS too?? O_O We are more alike that I thought. ^_^