Jul 6, 2009

A Mondie-Monday

First of all... Hyne, I didn't realize that the comment on the vegetables could be so mean... T_T I didn't intended it to be mean, but more like a funny remark, so pwease, pwease, pwease, take it as a funny remark, ok? Veggies are cool, save that it's hard to see them as cool because a lot of people is set on making them look so outrageously healthy they end up looking poor-tasting, which they are not. On a further note: do mix proteins and carbs because like Sam and Dean, they might be sinful, but they are meant to be together.

As for my first note-to-self and remark about this Mondie-Monday, I'd say not to forget to wear either pants or stockings, because the office is once again populated with fleas and mosquitoes. That also means that I've gara stock up with stockings again because, really, I've no idea what the hell do I do with them. Whenever I find stockings, I buy like four to six pairs, and they exist there for a while, but after I open the second or third package, suddenly there are no pair left. I go fixing the ones left, and when they are too ruined, I mix up the surviving pairs so I can keep using them. Well, I'm forced to, due to my predilection for stockings over panty hoses and the reduced amount of stockings in the market compared with the panty hoses.

So yes, at the first available chance, attack a supermarket and get stockings (unless I get to go home with Rosario, who could drop me by this small lingerie shop, where I could sure find a few interesting pieces ^_~).

In any case, the point is, that we are back to the full blown bug attack again. Hell, how I hate that.

On a second note, I really, really gara hit the markets or fresh celeries and carrots. Today's carrots were fine, but I can't say the same for the celery. It was so full with threads I could have wowen them and then knit a nice green sweater out of it. It was a coarse as hemp. It shouldn't be sold for human consumpltion, but for making strings and cords.

The day, so far, goes smoothly. Got some good news, and some worrisome news that requiere me to think strategically for a while before my next step, so I'm currently mapping out my options. Now I'll go, escape from the bugs for a moment and have my well deserved lunch.

See ya later! (maybe)


Dragonfly said...

Me parece el colmo que no fumiguen en esas oficinas y que tengas que sufrir por toda clase se bichos...

besos :)

Storm Bunny said...

Aňo y medio en este hueco y no han pasado ni Raid.Por un tiempo lo único que controlaba las plagas era una banda de gatos que se parqueaban debajo de la ventana de la cocina, pero ya ni esos están. Te salen cucarachas debajo del escritorio, cienpiés, palomillas, ratones, araňas, lagartijas... es un legítimo InBioparque!