Jul 29, 2009


Dude, I love WiFi. Can't possibly explain how good it feels to be able to sti down anywhere, take your tiny Acer AspireOne out of your purse and get on the net. The feeling is amazing!! In the minutes before the seminar, the last part for which I have to stay in order to get my Certification, so I can present it to the office and lenghten my CV with yet another title, another seminar attended: Internal Control for Public Institutions -- Update.

Check mails and wish I could just "e" away during class. But no can do. That's not proper manners. We know about that, so in scrapped up minutes I log in and check mails and so on.

I received a mail from Twitter: someone is following me. The number of my followers have moved from 30 down to 25. I guess that if you don't twit often, they leave. Well, they should. I don't really like strangers following me. I know, it's a disorder. Paranoia. Anyway, I still don't get why people would follow people they don't know. I mean, ain't like I'm twitting about Supernatural or something like that, so why would people want to know (other than my close friends) what the hell am I doing?

The internet creates the strangest patrons for behavior.


Dragonfly said...

Ajajajaja... se lo que son esos patrones extraños... A mi, la verda, la verdad Twitter no me ha cuativado... y entro una vez muerte de obispo.


Storm Bunny said...

Me he dado cuenta ^_^. Pero en general sí es cierto que la gente tiene una personalidad distinta en línea... Hacen cosas que no harían en la vida real.