Jul 7, 2009

Another Tuesday, Yet not Another Tuesday

9:52 hours. I've an appointment with the company's shrink at 11:30, which means that I'll have to get on my merry way at 10:30. Why? Because I walk, and I insist on doing it or I'll go crazier that it's convenient. Though it's work time and all, I do have to go from one building to another, and walking relaxes me a hell lot, and now I need, CRAVE relaxation.

It's a Tuesday, like many others, with a shining sun, some wind, some clouds in the sky, a report I'm trying to remake without destroying the main idea I built into it, which seems to displease so many people because it involves "team effort" and many prefer the "let's leave it to one person" solution. It's a tough work that has me becoming something of a lawyer, adding notes and conditions like clausules to a contract in order to make sure that it's lazy-proof, dumb-proof, water-proof, legalities-proof, turf-proof, and still can work, and if it doesn't point at the clausules and requirements and say: "I said it required this. Did you provide it? No? Then don't come complaining". Hell, I'm an economist, why doI have to go around doing this? Isn't there people paid to do this stuff?

On the other hand, I had REVELATION. ( I sound so Uriel like... "I'll seek... Revelation") Due to the things that had been happening here, I've decided to seek advise regarding my chances to move to another process within the Direction. To my surprise, the assistant I consulted, didn't even ask me why, but it was more of a look of "Well, it has taken you long to realize you have to flee, Child". We discussed all of the procedures and legalities, which I'll be starting today, and one of them is not really that pleasant, which is that I'll have to talk to my boss to tell him that I've reached to the conclusion that it's better for me to leave the process. That's gonna be messy, even though I've told him already like two times that I'm looking for another place to go.

What surprised me greatly and made me feel very, very good was that for yesterday afternoon a boss from another process had already expressed his willingness to take me into his team, claiming that I'm an "excellent element" and that he would be please to take me on board. I still have my eyes placed on another area, another boss widely known for his human treat and the awesome environment of his team (like the true Work Heaven), but it made me feel so good that there's people out there that know my work, know my worth and are coming forward even before the word is oficially out, even before I've to go knocking on doors and requesting for a "new home". Yes, I hara say it out loud: it made me feel like a hot commodity, and the feeling is AWESOME!

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