Jul 11, 2009

Creative Moon

Sometimes, when you do something, like jewelry or any kind of art or artisanal activity, you see something and it gets you thinking. You want to try it, you want to use it, and your mind swirls around it until you find a way to harness it and make it yours.

A shape I love, just like Dragonfly likes, well, dragonflies, is the Moon. I simply love the Moon so much I believe in a past life I must have been a wolf. In the town I live there's this bead shop were I go to get my supplies for my jewelry, and they had these transparent half moons I just couldn't stop looking at. I didn't bought them for a long time because I had no idea how to use them. They were rather big, and I couldn't imagine any way to arrange them without making them look like I just took them from some cheap chandelier from some five-star hotel. (I've been in one too many conferences and seminars to notice that the "beautiful chandeliers" are all plastic and often dusty. All it's pieces can be bought at any bead store.) However, then one day I noticed these metalic rings. At first I had no use for them, so I didn't even picked them up. Later, however, I put both shapes together, and it seemed like something I'd like.

So far I've never done anything dangling from a necklace, and certainly have never done earrings this massive. However, the more I thought about the shape, the composition, I knew I had to try it out. So today, I went back to this bead shop and bought the supplies. The making wasn't easy, and this first attempt have a few problems about the linking, as the hole on the ring is too small for two loops to fit it, but I'd say the result is pretty. What do you think?


Dragonfly said...

Sincerely... I love it, I really like what you did.

You are a very good self aprentice!


Storm Bunny said...

Thank You! To be honest, I've been studying your work and, well, that day at your place I also watched closely the way you worked with chains, so I've been copying that too!

You are a good teacher!