Jun 15, 2012

20 Minutes to Blog, -100 Minutes to Sleep


Argh! Again a summarizing post of nothing fundamental and philosophical, or merely philo-bitch-sophical, just daily bits and pieces. It's 23:41 and I just came back from a church gathering. No, I didn't know it would take me so long. Would I known, I would have pressed myself to post before leaving. Then again I tried to do so, but only murky, sad thoughts came to mind. And here I've a reason to be chirp: I lost 900 gramms! So I'm still on this diet.

Today was the toughest, if you ask me, because aside of the three servings of cabbage soup one must take everyday, I had three bananas and a glass of milk. The problem isn't that it's too much or it's too little, the problem is that I HATE bananas. (Which is quite odd because one of my favorite candies is this banana marshmallow-like foam covered with chocolate, or banana marshmallow-meets-gummybear covered with sugar.) The taste, but above all the consistency of bananas get me sick. I ate the first one and half way of it wanted to puke. I hurried the glass of milk to swallow (milk and I are best friends, BTW), but for the last two there was no milk (according to the rules of the diet), so I cut the bananas into slides, froze them to get the icky gooey consistency off, and some of the taste, and then ate them. I kinda managed 3/4 of the slices, pushing back the reflect to puke with water, but at the end it was impossible, and so some of it came back. :-P It was really bad.

The rest of the day went kinda flying, as I had lunch, then spent sometime on the net, attended a webinar on a really interesting subject... for those who like telecommunications, like I do, and wrote some postcards I still haven't posted.

Then went to this church gathering, where I met some really, really cool people, and realized that our shepherd is quite a number himself. He's much younger than I thought, and far more open than I would imagine. They were talking today about this book, The Shack, by William P. Young, which isn't a novel per se, and which divided the group in lovers and haters. The book is basically about a crime and how that crime wrecks the faith in god of a man, and how that faith is recovered. However the vision of God in that book is quite different from the standard, Bible approved, Church observed vision, so it seems that the book has raised eyebrows and controversy in the church, and as some see it as a Christian book, others see it as the work of the Devil. (Wonder if there are Smurfs in it, to be considered demonic...) Be it as it may, I kept my tongue but wished so very much that my friend Carrie would be there with me, so we could exchange meaningful looks at this. Oh, they think that's a polemic book about God? That's because they haven't even heard about Vampire's Vow! (And that book was written by a former priest!)

The evening got me thinking, really, about what's God for all of us and how we see God and our life around God. Why God test us, why God let bad things happen to good people... and I was wondering, can't it be that we should be asking ourselves, why we need to test ourselves, and why we, as a society, let bad things happen to good people? God is God and He sees us differently, why do we want him to take a side among us?

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