Jun 15, 2012

I'm still not serious enough to post decently

No, no, come back. I won't be writing about puking! ^_^ But yet this is another babbling post about the little things that make life. First of all, diet. I lost some more weight today, so I'm happy and well stablished in the healthy range. Weeeheeee! I still have two days to go, and can't wait for this thing to be over. Allegedly, when you finish your diet you gain back some of the weight (and hopefully not all of it or more, as it's known to have happened, but not because you start to eat like crazy, but because your body says "this was one hell of a week! I better hoard up some calories and fat just in case some other time of horror like this strikes again". As you can see, the body has it's own agenda, and that doesn't fit in diets and weight plans). In the light of this, I had planned on sabotaging the diet by having some nachos with cheese sauce at the movies (I went to see Prometheus. The end is crappy, but Michael Fassbender is aaaaaawesommmmme!), but then I didn't. Not that I didn't sabotage the diet on purpose, though, as I have been taking some "creative liberties", like it said for today that I had to have 200 grs of chicken and I did... in a spicy version. It was healthy, no fat in the process, and I simply marinated the chicken breast (half of it actually) in a mix of parsley, thyme (these fresh from our own pots), garlic, dill, curry, salt, pepper and a little water. I tossed it in a resealable bag and into the fridge for two hours, and then cooked it in a pan with no oil, but by heating first the pan (non-stick) and then tossing the chicken with some of the marinade and a little water. I cooked it for some 30 minutes adding water whenever it looked like it was out of it, keeping the chicken covered with a lid, turning it occasionally (the chicken) for color. It was delicious! Naturally this wasn't what the diet expected, but it didn't say anywhere specifically that it had to be "tasteless, boring, boiled chicken".

If tomorrow I gain weight, then I'll happily ditch the diet (though maybe a little voice in my head will say: "you stuck to it since Monday, now let's do this last two days as it should", but I'll try to ignore that voice, and go back to chocolates, coke, cakes, snacks and all those amazing goodies), because no diet should be sensitive to spices - they are what makes life so wonderful! But if I lose weight (or remain on the same weight), that will show that my recipe of spicy chicken is healthy and diet-fit, not only delicious, and I'll share the recipe as well as I can. ^_^ Then, tomorrow's meal would be beef, which I would prepare in my superfamous dill-style.


Dragonfly said...

Mmm que rico se ve. Por cierto un día de estos intenté hasta el cansancio escribirte un comentario y nunca me acepto el código de verificación.

Gracias por la postal.

Storm Bunny said...

Gracias! Lamentablemente esa no es la foto real de como se ve el pollo. Tampoco lo es la foto del siguiente post. Esas son fotos que bajé de Internet. :-P

Qué mal con eso del código. A veces me ha pasado. Voy a ver si le puedo quitar lo del código, pero que me pase los mensajes igual a revisión.