Jun 18, 2012

Last minutes for Completing a List

This list has been quite hard to complete, and it could be considered uncompleted, but given the progress I won't. Well, I'm still over 100 pages away from ending the book I'm reading, but I intend to stay up until I make it, so this post will be really, really small, so I can spend more time with a really fascinating book.

Today was a hard and definitive day. I've got my ticket, and that made things definitive. No turning back now. Naturally I spent a lot of time sad and blue and crying my peepers out, but then again, the begining of the year was just alike. It's taxing that the big decisions of my life always come in tears.


Dragonfly said...

Compraste tu tiquete para regresar acá¡?

Cómo cuesta cumplir los sueños, no?

Storm Bunny said...

Sipi, ya lo compré. Diay, ahora no se dió, pero no quito el dedo del renglón. Fijo Dios tiene sus razones para que no se dé ahora, pero voy a seguir insistiendo y probando. A fin de cuentas, si los suenhos no costaran, no los desearíamos tanto, cierto? :-)