Jun 1, 2012

Recent Daily Life Discoveries

I'm getting some trouble assembling my new List of 13 (8 tasks so far), mainly because I'm considering to go on a regime to lose some weight during Waxing Moon (the best time for diets), since not only I want to lose the extra pounds I've gotten, but I want to make space for all the awesome sweets there are to eat around here! ^_^ Nope, I won't look nice, fit and shapely for the summer, but I need to keep my weight within healthy values to keep on hogging on cakes.

After yesterday exhausting and beautiful day, today was a bit more calm, even though I ran some errands. I had a few things to take care of, such as getting myself a pair of black flipflops to be in the house - I've got a pair of fake crocks with those curved soles that are supposed to make you lose weight as you walk and work out your butt... they were the cheapest ones, so what tha flinking, right? I went to a commercial center in Buda, which I like a lot, but when I've got there I couldn't enter because it was being evacuated for a bomb threat. Go figure. Then again I guess everything was okay, because I heard explotion later on.

After this I went to another commercial center which is supposed to be bigger and better but was lacking of two very important things - as I found out today: it has no postal office nor a Subway (restaurant). It already doesn't have a Benetton - though it has an H&M and a C&A - nor a Pirex, which is my favorite paperstore, and their Mango store and Leroy restaurant is much better than the one at the bomb-mall, the surroundings are quite "misery-ridden" (lots and lots of dangerous looking people), though they do have a Karma restaurant - which makes an AMAZING Cosmopolitan cocktail, and shows more and better movies than the bomb-mall, I still prefer the bomb mall.

To top it all, they have a Starbucks coffee store that today had a long line. I was carrying in my bag a half-written letter, and I was looking forward to finish it calmly, sitting at a table with a Caramel Machiato, but no, a line of over 10 people waiting to place their order, a line so long that came out to the door, kept me from fulfilling a little dream of mine.The other Starbucks - where I started such letter - is right next to the bomb-mall (and there's another inside the bomb-mall), and that's simply fabulous. Granted, the coffee might not be as awesome as the coffee and capuccinos I've drank at Vienna, but I must admit that I love the vibe of the place. ^_^ Guilty pleasure, I guess.

Tomorrow I may go there - Hyne, I need to get inspired to the last five items on my List of 13 - and besides, I want to go and see what does it feel to type there, write there and be creative there. Must be something, even if the feeling is far from the elevating coffeehouse experience of the artists of the past turn of the century - the times of Art Nouveau.

Maybe I'll try it out, and tell you about it... while sipping a nice Venti sized capuccino. ^_^

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