Jun 11, 2012

The Power of Vanishing

Today started the Waning of the Moon, which is the phase when the Moon is getting thinner and thinner until it darkens up to become a New Moon. For some, this is the time to do diets, or to cut your hair if you want the haircut to last (mostly in the case of men, who would rather keep a well trimmed haircut, than having it growing into a mess that needs to be mowed soon again), but also for wishing for things to go away. I'm not going now into spells and things like that, or how the moon affects us all and this waning wanes vibes or energies in us, because I really don't know that much about this, but I'd like to take the chance to speak about the Power of Vanishing.

Though normally we thing that "losing" is bad, we understand that "losing" can be a good thing when it's about losing weight or, getting rid of problems. There are other types of loses that might hurt us, might make us feel bad, but if we are willing to see beyong our little picture, it might not be so bad, it might not be so terrible and it might be perhaps a good thing. Sometimes our plans don't come across, no matter how much we work for it, no matter how much we try and so on. Sometimes we lose something dear to us, or someone dear to us, and yes, we need to mourne that loss, but as the Moon wanes and then goes dark, it also grows back again, reminding us that no loss is permanent, and even if we lose someone, something grows from that loss - at least a lesson - but also losing something important to us like a relationship, a job, a friend, goods like your house or your car, gives you the chance to think about your situation and open your eyes to the new opportunities that line up. And we might be in a really, really tight spot - think of the United States or Europe and the overwhelming rates of unemployment, people going through years and years unemployed and slipping down to poverty - but perhaps, while struggling and keeping up the fight for a brighter future, we can take on the chance to see what's there for us to see.

When we lose something, perhaps it's the best time to work to lose some other things too. Lose your sadness, lose your depression, lose your hopelessness, lose your negativity, lose the obstacles that keep you from moving forward. And yes, lose the blinds you put on yourself to keep you from seeing the chances you've so far have considered out of the question, when they shouldn't be.

The Moon is waning and in a week it will go Dark and New, and there are things I want to drop out from my life, so that I can face the unexpected - and maybe not so happy - turn of events that are to come soon.

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