Jun 5, 2012

Do You Read? And What Do You Read?

Reading is the learn skill that enables you to look at a group od symbols - called letters - arranged in a certain way and form words, that form sentences in a language you know. A lot of people around the world reads, though there's a percentage of adult people who don't. A funny thing is that often being "analphabet" is called "illiterate" and being able to read is called "literate". Why is that so funny? Because a lot of those "literate" people wouldn't be caught dead near a book. Their reading skill is used to read tweets and messages on the Facebook wall, or to roam the Internet and read search results from Google. Some might consider themselves "literate" because they read news headlines and from time to time might read an article from a magazine or are able to go through a digital newspaper. Yes, they excersize the skill of reading, but that's hardly really reading.

Interestingly, the real reading is evidenced in the writing. Read a book, a good book - and if you are not sure a book is good, try out not a best seller, but a classic. You know, books that were written before the TV was on all day in every home distroying the mind. A mind used to reading good books, is a mind also able to write well. Those who read little often don"t realize they read things written poorly, and may copy the writing style, not noticing how their thoughts flutter loosely and disarranged.

Pick a good book, there are many for free at the libraries. You'll see the difference.

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