Jun 6, 2012

A Bad Movie, an Ok Movie and a Good Haircut

I completed actually three of the tasks of my Complementary List: I found a hairdresser and got my hair trimmed. Then again, I'm not sure about going to that same hairdresser again, not only because it was freaking expensive and they did a face when I didn't tip them (sorry, but though I liked my haircut, I wasn't blown off my feet, and the price was quite steep... and had to be paid in cash), but maybe it had to do something with the hairdresser telling me that he is or was a world champion in hairdressing. Yeah, that might mean nothing, but I want something else from my hairdresser, so I'll probably keep looking... unless I go back to my usual hairdresser. We shall see.

I also had my weekly cocktail, though with a twist: this one was alcoholfree. (Rules don't say it must be alcoholic!) Yeah, well, it happens that sometimes you are not feeling 100% physically and so alcohol might not be the best for your condition, or a good idea to mix with the painkiller combo you've just downed. In any case, the cocktail (some Catalina something) was AMAZING! Wonder what the alcoholic version tastes like.

Then I watched two movies. It's Wednesday, and that means reduced prices, which makes it more livable if the movie is bad. Well, the first movie was HORRENDOUS! I would be crying for the money even if I would have seen it for free. There's no plot, no sense, no story, no character definition, no nothing. It's a pretentious crap full of stiff acting, crappy directing and phony lines, where a mediocre attempt at presenting a reloaded American Psycho-like story goes down the toilet miserably. The only possible goal this poor excuse for a movie could have is to show that Mr. Pattinson can fall even lower than Twilight, and show that he can do even worse acting. I didn't expect it, though, from Ms. Binoche. I wanted to get out of the movie since the first five minutes, but I only stayed because I was way up and it was too dark to find the door by myself. I did consider asking the guys at projection to please turn on the lights for a moment while I get out.

It was really, really bad. A disgusting trip to some sort of fantasy stuck in the 80's minus the big hair and the shoulderpads, with constant delving into senseless monologues that try to be artistic and probably are for the many ignorant assholes whose literacy is formed by the news on Facebook and the MSN.

The other movie was the one I expected less of, and yet the one that got me smiling. The title is "Last Night", or something of the sort (I saw it dubbed), and it got me thinking and remembering. The thoughts from it would most definitively hit the blog, or my journal, if they get too personal.

Finally, coming out of the second movie, I walked past this hairdressing salon. I thought about it for a while, considered, and then decided that what the hell, I need to trim my hair. I didn't like that they didn't take card - that would have made my life easier - but yet I've got into the chair, got my hair washed and my ends trimmed. I wanted a bit of change, and so the hairdresser put my hair to the side and reduced the ends on the longer side. It isn't bangs or a fringe of any sort, but the hair now falls in my face. It's quite pretty, but we shall see how my hair behaves once the hairderssing products are out of it.

Tomorrow I'm going to Mezőkövesd visiting. Hopefully the time on the train will be spent quietly, with reading and maybe even some writing, who knows? I've a letter to finish still, and I could use some time without interruptions to get going with it. Then I've letters to read as well, as today I just received letter from two of my penpals. :-D Life is awesome with penpals, and with a trimmed, healthy, nice hair is even more!

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