Jan 15, 2012

Another Hectic Sunday

Something must be definitively out of order whrn you wake up on a Sunday at 6:45 am all by yourself. No alarm, no plans, no trip to the beach only a disjunctive: join my usual yoga class at 10:30 am or join my friends for breakfast at this awesome location some miles away driving, with the opportunity to meet new people, update on information and plunge into the most recent topics of conversation hot on the cyberuniverse - which I may or may not know of. This was a Twitter Breakfast, a uniquete kind of meeting where you can synch with the rest of the community, or at least be updated on the latest trends without having to sacrifice your own usual search. (For instance, I'm quite disconnected of the local gossip and national actuality, as I'm more stuck in telecommunications, Amazon.com, books and American Politics.)

As I was starting my Sunday as any other Sunday, I realized that I still had to wash Sookie. But not only that. Kari and I had decided to take my older nephew for shopping to get him scubba diving equipment (he's birthday is close and his aunt - me - thinks that a T-shirt and a Chinese Chess game ins't nearly enough). Then I realized that I had to get going with Lau's scrapbook project, so either I worked on it now or I would never be ready. As result Sookie got washed and waxed, but neither the yoga class not the Twitter Breakfast were doable under my current situation.

It's kinda sad that two things that are important to me, that could be among the last one I can attend in my life, are moved for something one could say I can do any other time. Well, no. Yes, say, but I had to cancel on both for the reason that though I could do scrapbooking any other time  - pictures are not going anywere - scrapbooking is a very time consuming thing and either you get doing it on schedule, or you end up with no margins of time left, holding into any available, free minute to work on them.

It reminded me of studying and even working. Sure, you can think you can study any time, you can work anytime, but exactly that sort of thinking is what pushes you later to be unable to do it anytime, because either you do it now or you'll never get done with it, and you'll fail or lose what you where aiming for with the project. I didn't plan my time well with this project and I ended up running out of time, and as result now I have to give up things I would love to do, in order to catch up on the project and get it by the last available time possible for me.

From this I leave you a question: Are you looking forward for Hectic Sundays? Is your schedule really as flexible as you pretend it is, or are you working yourself a whole lot of rushing and trouble? Pressure isn't fun and it can end up being really expensive.

Organize your time well. Plan your activities.


Sartassa said...

This is something I had to learn the hard way. I always went to work the same time, came home as soon as I finished my stuff there. It was a schedule I followed. Get up at 5:55 take the train, arrive home sometime between 18:30 and 19:30.. and then - "I can do that during the weekend" cuddling up in front of my TV not moving a single bone. Weekends were busy back then.
Now, as I am not working, my schedule is tighter than before, I have to organize my hobbies or otherwise I will start thousands of projects and never finish a single one of them. So this morning till noon - blogging :D
and I have to say that you did play a main part in the whole process of teaching me how not to waste time. We always think we got plenty of it, we haven't. Even if I am not working, I wouldn't be able to do all the things I planned to do during these 3 1/2 months if I didn't work hard.

Storm Bunny said...

:D It's amazing, but yes, actually when you are not working - for whatever reason - time goes tighter on you. When coming back to work after vacations one tends to sigh up in relief. I actually feel finally relaxed the first day of work, and when I'm keeping a paper agenda - like this year - you can also see the difference! There are less tasks and chores and appointments for my "working days" than for my "vacation days".

Maybe it's because we tend to think we've "more time", and so we pack it tight with things to do, while when we work, we hardly assign or take on tasks because "we are full with work".

Wow, I've helped you approach your time spending custom? ^_^ Now I feel important!

Sartassa said...

haha, feeling important is.. well, important, isn't it? I need that now and then therefore I don't hesitate to tell people they are important to me.
However, yeah... that's basically what I wanted to say. I need to buy different colored pencils and stuff, right now my agenda is only rollerpen-blue ... how boring
Sadly the relieve you get when returning from a holiday and realizing how relaxing work actually is does only last for a few days :D as I returned from Spain (where I stayed abroad for 4 weeks) it lasted for a month. That was nice.

Storm Bunny said...

Holidays, like many memories, tend to look better the farther they are. Childhood seems so great now, but when you were a child it was hell and you couldn't wait to be an adult (at least I couldn't!). When you are working you are tired, get work up to your eyeballs and want a break desperately. As soon as you get it, you are up to your hairline in tasks, but when holidays have passed and you are again up to your eyeballs in work at the office, all you remember is how you woke up late every day at holidays.

Only one color pen in your agenda? Well, before this one, I used one paper agenda... in 2010? Maybe? Or was it at the begining of 2011? Anyway, I used only a regular pencil for it (now I use erasable pens), and LOTS of post-its and stickers. Now I use colored pens... and some stickers and lots of post-its!!