Jan 16, 2012

Can't Settle Yet

This blog has changed faces quite often and quite dramatically in the past days. From black to white to brown again and a small window of time trying out some of the themes and proposed formats. No, I'm not one to easily fit myself in a pre-formed, pre-thought, pre-emptied scheme. That ain't me! I'm jumping on one leg, tilting to the side and rubbing my chin while saying "nope, that's not it either". A mix of pictures of colors of... je ne sais quoi that's missing, that's stating my current state of... me. Thing is that so far neither combination hits the mark, but one thing is for sure: I want the shot of the bathtub.

That godly bathtub! Has ever a picture ever described you so totally, so fully, so perfectly... what you feel you are, what you yearn to be, the absolute balance of in and out, of past, present and future... the very essence of you... that's the picture of the bathtub. And it's not even my bathtub! It's not even the best and most wonderful bathtub I've ever experienced (that's a tie between Sofia and Paris - for real! - though I believe that the one in Venezuela was also pretty amazing!), but that's the picture that contains me, describes me, summons me and resumes me. It's an icon not so much of luxury, as it is an icon of comfort, of time for oneself, me-time, and just chilling out. No worries in the world, no schedules to keep, no appointments to rush to, no deadlines to honor, no bills, no work, no pressure. Some may say they work better under pressure, but I'm not one of them, and though I'm perfectly capable of pulling my weight, stick my nose to the paper and do the job, this state of no pressure, or relax and enjoyment is what reflects me better the most. But how to splash it across the blog?

Hn, well maybe I need a hot shower, a Smirnoff Ice, snuggle in bed in comfy clothes and a good book (or manga) to figure that out. :-)

Post Note: Yeah, yeah, yeah... I changed it again. It seems all I needed was the thought of "comfy" for it to come to me. ^_^ I sunk in my mental bathtub, read my mental Kindle and mental magazines, paged across the mental glossy paper and... it happened. ^_^ I'm liking it, so it's staying... most likely. ^_^


Sartassa said...

I love the picture :D so you think you're done yet or will you wake up the other day, having a look at the whole thing and think ... ahhh...hmmm ... no? that's what always happens to me when I am really satisfied with something, I have to check my opinion about it the other day just to make sure I really like it

Storm Bunny said...

Thank you very much! I actually ended up using the simplest of formats (though I was against it!) and put the picture of the bathtub on the background.

I normally make up my mind and that's it, so I don't really go around checking up again if I had an "eureka" moment. :-D But on second look... I picked niiiiiice!

Sartassa said...

oh yeah you did :D love the way there is no other color (except for black and white which in fact isn't a color... blabla) than pink :D

Storm Bunny said...

... there's a bit of mint-green and orange... and the color I put on the text. But I get what you mean. :-D