Jan 29, 2012

Night Out With My Girls

Have you gone to see a movie twice, so that you can go watch it with your friends? Or maybe even more times so that you can get "the hang" of it? Well, I'm one of those people who can go and watch the same movie a gozillian times and the buy the DVD so I can keep watching it until the end of times. Evidently I am one of those and in this occasion the movie I went to see twice was Sherlock Holmes 2: The Game of Shadows. In here I won't go into the details of the movie for you can read that in any film critic site, and I'm not one to go repeating what others say. That's boring - and takes the fun out of both blog writing and blog reading. Wouldn't you agree?

The first time I went, it was with my boyfriend. I'm quite a fan of movies, and go as often as I can - as long as the movies shown are to my liking! - while he's not. In the past lot of years he has gone only when I've taken him to the movies, and that's not that many times. (Well, once settled in Hungary, that's going to radically change!) This was a couple of weeks ago, and we went to the VIP theatre. The experience of the VIP was so marvelous he decided Hungary NEEDED dearly the VIP experience. He would run and open VIP movie halls, if he could!

To evaluate this movie you should honestly compare it with the first one, but the first one left me so cold, I can't recall enough of it to pass judgment. This one, however, was charged heavy with slash. I though it was going to be an action movie, so what the heck, he would probably like it, but I never expected my eyes to bulge out and my hands to curl into a fist wishing to have my slasher friends close to hold their hands and scream in delight. Thus, the decision was made and we decided to go out the three of us to evaluate the slashiness of the movie. We met at our favorite commercial center - a large and posh commercial center at the South of the capital, in one of the most exclusive areas of the Metropolis. Once there we realized that they wheren't presenting the movie any more. That was like a slap on the face! However there was a nearby mini commercial center built around an IMAX movie theatre, where they were still showing the movie. We had to wait some two hours still, sort of, but we were cool, as we were going to drive there.

Before leaving we went to have something to much on while I presented them with the marvel of mangas on the Kindle and they passed me some digital mangas as well. It was like in the old times, when the three of us met with other friends to gap about yaoi mangas and yaoi animes, and yaoi anything for hours, sharing CDs and mini CDs full of whatever we have managed to hunt down in our cruises through the gutters of the Internet. 

From there we went to the movies only to discover that the 18:45 show was sold out. The horror. We wanted desperately to see that movie, so what to do? After a bit of debate we decided to get tickets for the next showing, at 21:30. I called home to let my boyfriend know that, no, I wasn't dead, I just didn't get tickets at any of the showings I expected, so I was going to stay with the girls for the 21:30 - the last one. With the tickets in hand we went to the Sports Bar in the complex, where the girls relished in ordering mouthwatering delicious cocktails with enough alcohol in them to fly a Boing 777 from Bali to Corsica, while I - minding the driving - had to make due with a virgin Piña Colada. The downside of driving.

There we spent a nice time between more gaping about mangas and yaoi and recently seen movies, and work stories and travel stories (Kate has recently come back from a trip she did to Peru, I believe, from which she showed us the most funny videos where her deadpan serious comments made a banal image of people walking unto an account about the last days of civilization befire the rise of the zombies), and then some disturbing images about kickboxing matches that looked just like... mating. There, while many watched intently the match, we tried to figure out how could two men locked in a tight embrace, pushing to be on top, grabbing each other's asses actually pass for a sport. Because if that's a sport, I might believe I have been practicing on the bed quite often...

The time for the movie arrived, and we took our seats in the regular movie hall (the VIP was showing something else), and we giggle like schoolgirls about a thing or two, then showing annoyment as the image was cut and a portion of the upper end of the film was seen on the lower end of it. Quite unnerving. However the problem got fixes in the first 5 minutes of the movie and soon we were able to enjoy the film, grabbing hands and turning to each other mouthing "Oh My God!" and "Did you see that!!?". However the best scene, the grand scene was the dance scene. There we sat, the three of us, linked by the hands and holding our breaths in excitement, only to mutter at the end of the movie: "I didn't get it... how can they explain it to the non-slasher public?"

The mystery may remain forever unsolved, but the three of us walked out of the movie hall, minutes before midnight, with a large grin and plans to run down the Internet looking for slash fic.


Sartassa said...

yeah, I have only seen one movie twice and surprisingly it was ... a movie with Robert Downey Jr. Well of course I have seen certain movies tons of times but when it comes to the cinema - Iron Man 2.. to go there with my boyfriend and a friend of mine. I didn't min but rather enjoyed it cause he's my favorite action hero of all time (until now)
VIP Theater? Never heard of that. I tried to google it but I couldn't come up with proper information. I presume it's 3D?

Storm Bunny said...

No, the VIP is ... is something out of this world. It's very spacious, and each chair is like a lazyboy couch. They are couches, actually, and are grouped by two or fours, according to the cinema. They have a separate hall, with soft music, lounge furniture and much more options of food. You have the regular popcorn and coke, but you can also order alcoholic drinks, cocktails, sushi, pizza, pastries... you name it. Add to it, you can order in the hall or in the cinema itself and waiters carry it to your place.

Inside you have s small table where your food is placed and where you can put your belongings.

I haven't seen any 3D VIP theatre yet. That would be awesome!

Sartassa said...

OMG! I need that, I want that, NOW!

Storm Bunny said...

Ask in the States. Costa Rica can't be the only place on the planet where they have it. It's to DIE for!!