Jan 10, 2012

Caught in the Middle of a Meltdown

Here I was, happy go lucky, blogging my way into yet another day, remembering those old days when different realities were put together to share a space, all equal at that moment, but different in their background, when fuchsia bumpers were a nightmare and I couldn't start even grasping the idea of someone younger than me (and I was only 18) not only knew how to drive, but had a car and drove around all day.  However as I was to upload a picture, Blogger froze it's ass on me. O_O Dude, you don't do that when I have less than 10 minutes before leaving and my blog is on European Central time, and I won't make it home in time!

What's most strange is that I actually had quite good ideas for blogs popping on my head, and even scribbled one down on my trusty notepad with a purple mini sharpie. (Remind me to carry around a regular pen with my trusty notebook... which also doubles as the cover for my Kindle.)

Be is as it may, it was interesting: the mind lights up and connects, download to the paper, idea deep from the brain splashed out and captured in an idea-net in the outside word... and the bigger net and transport decided to be uncooperative. Ain't that ironic, to say the least? (Or Murphy?)

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