Jan 5, 2012

Sometimes We Are Really Busy...

... and I am REALLY, REALLY busy, and I shouldn't be blogging, but I can't stop myself. I need just a minute or two, a couple of sentences to micro-vent. I'm quite busy working, which is good. Which isn't good is that this job I'm doing is because the people who were SUPPOSED to do it didn't do it.  Add to it, it's the the same sorry ass team I had so many issues with last year, as I TRIED to teach them how to ACTUALLY write a SENTENCE, not only in Spanish, but in ANY HUMAN LANGUAGE! You know, like "Um, this sentence should have a subject, you know? And like... point towards what's that subject doing?". Now they present yet another bullshit... crap that's titled "report", which has statistics without clearly stating the units (is it money? is it minutes? is it a ratio? is it an event?), but the tables make no sense, and their statements go on the line "we really need to do this, because if we want to be super-duper invincible we have to, and because we are told that that's what everybody else is doing". Yeah, ok, do you have evidence to support that? "It's because I say so. I work with this, I know, you don't. Don't question me! Our super-duperness depends on it!". And out of the blue, the tables of meaningless statistics morph into a list of "and we need also...". Okay, excuse me? How do we go from "each summer we sell ten pumpkins" to "and you know? we need an iron and an ironing board, and a scubba dive equipment". But the it isn't a "report", it's a "request". Geez dude, don't you know the words of your own language. Oh fuck, my mistake. Of course they don't! They don't even understand logic! That may explain why the request has absolutely nothing to do with the statistics or the missing stuff.

So now my job is to do the legwork they didn't to show them that EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH! Wrong Answer!

What's so fucking hard about actually making the job right? Is it so difficult to do something by researching, and properly doing the legwork, making sure you have all the data and then presenting the proposal? Is it better to dump a lot of bullshit only to be stopped midway AGAIN and going back to do the job as it should have the first time around?

The day the world ends I won't be too sad, because I'll find solace in knowing that these motherfuckers will burn and die.

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Sartassa said...

I just hope it's not always like this when you return from a holiday. I remember back then as I still worked (haha feels like centuries ago) I almost never wanted to spend more than 1 week away to prevent a giant pile of unsolved issues on my desk. Good luck to you in teaching grammar :D