Jan 18, 2012


Whatever is your religion, it's useless if you don't believe. Whatever you claim to be your system of believes, if you don't believe in them really, it's useless. Like Kierkegaard said (in a way) "it doesn't matter what you believe in, as long as you are sincere". In my current and personal interpretation, it doesn't matter what you claim to believe in, or the way you express that believe, as long as you put your heart, your honest believe into it, it will be okay.

I can't get enough of the people who attack other people's system of believes or the way they choose to practice it. Time and again have we read or heard self appointed "owners of truth" admonish others that "Islam is a religion of violence" and "Judaism is a religion of corruption", "Christianism is a religion of oppression", "Buddhism/Hinduism is just another word for Satanist", and "Paganism is the religion of the coocoo birds". Rumors spread as truth in and out religious circles, they nag at something they have no business poking at. (I once heard some Christian say that Islam was a religion of evil, so much that they couldn't worship God, only Allah. The moron - who claimed to have been in Arab countries and know deeply their religion, kinda forgot how Allah (Al-Lah) means "The God" in Arabic...) They have a problem if you wake up before dawn, wash yourself, and go to pray kneeling on a rug, and then four more times a day. They have a problem is you choose to call your prayers "spells", or if you dedicate a day a week to rest because in your religion, God said so, or if you make the sign of the cross before praying, if you light votive candles or keep a rosary... It doesn't matter why you do it, why you follow that religion or that tradition, the problem is why you don't follow theirs, which is "the true religion".

And even you you follow "the true religion" they have issues if you don't do it the way you do. Why? Because there's only one way, or so they claim. Truth is, no matter how much you seek to emulate them, there will always be something wrong, and that's expected, for this types of mentalities can't settle with anything if there's not a conflict, an enemy they can group against.

The truth is that these are simply sects. No matter the religion, these are sects that have nothing to do with believes or religion or the Divine or any of those things. These are groups to segregate people. Believes, however are something different, and come from within.

Don't be afraid of experimenting, mixing and matching, taking what's good for you and discarding the bad. Your believe - your personal believe - is your unique connection with The Divine, be this whatever name you choose to give Them. God, Gods, Goddess, Universe, Energy, Chi, Prana, Mother Nature, Gaia, Earth, Nature... you name it. You feel it in your heart and you can connect directly to it through any mean that comes natural to you. Try it out, and you'll see that when you find the way that's yours - whatever it is - things will align. No, it doesn't mean that you'll get all your wishes granted, it means that you will be not only more in control with your own destiny, but you will also understand better the things that happen in your life, trust more and be far more happy.

Often that feeling that "this isn't it" comes for the doubts. Don't be ashamed of them, don't stash them under the bed, but come close to them: what is it that provokes them? Can you find an explanation for them? Do you need an explanation for them? Or are your doubts arising because you feel insecure, or you already go into it thinking "this is bullshit and it ain't going to work anyways"? Self doubt is another matter, and it's something that can fuck up any system of believes. There's no path you can choose where you can find all the answers to anything, though in many paths you can find the answers you need.  If you already doubt it, stash it. If you can't put your believes on anything because everything looks like bullshit, you may want to go atheist, though that doesn't give you the answers either. No church or group is gooing to cure what you should work yourself, and THAT's something many of these sects prey on: personal insecurity and disbelief. No, it ain't going to work, what they offer, but they get the Soul Miles for "converting you".

Through my personal projects, I have found myself in many difficult situations - some of them are still unsolved - and through which I've learned to separate them in two groups: those I can do something about, and those that are out of my control. For the first ones, I do my part and work them to get them. For the second I trust my believes, my connection to The Divine - which by being Christian, I can God - and act accordingly: I pray. It doesn't diminish my believes or my connection to God if one day I decide to pray "the Pagan way" and hold a little ceremony for a Sabbath, or simply take the prayer and add elements of Paganism to settle it in, or pray through my yoga class. Each of these are the way in which I feel that day, in that situation, in a better position to connect, to take my prayer through.

God is everywhere, in everything and in every way. The way through which we choose to approach him is personal, is human, it's for us, not for Him. So is there a true way? Sure there is, but that's not the same way for everybody. The true way is the one that works for you, the one with which you feel well. And you don't have to buy the whole package! Mix and Match! God is in your heart, in the details, not on the Full Pack and Accesories many are so set in selling us.

So the next time someone make those comments, or wiggle a finger before you, remember: As long as you are comfortable, and you honestly, trully, really believe in it, they can fuck it.

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