Jan 28, 2012


Some time ago I bought for myself a fitbit ultra, which is this thingie that counts your steps, and how many calories have you burned and stuff like that. Since my friend Dragonfly-cr started running and wearing one of these to measure her performance, I was pondering getting myself one of those, basically to start running too. I wasn't planning on running here, though, as if I do I would mainly be running away from robbers and kidnappers (my neighbourhood has proved that safe...), but I do was planning on starting to run in Hungary, preferable at the Margit Island, which has a lovely running path made of something that's soft and feels cool. This things are called "pedometers" or something like that. Checking them on the Internet wasn't all that easy, mind you, as there were features I didn't get, and none of the mentioned things were clear about whether you need something else to go with them. Also, with prices running from $20 to $200 there was no way I could pick safely something that was really good and what I needed.

Luckily when boyfriend and I were flying back from Dominican Republic, I read on the plane's magazine - Destinos - (we went on Taca) about the fitbit. A page in two languages dedicated to explaining shortly this device made me decide that this is the one I'll get, and so I did (specially because I could get it in plum, not necesarity in blueberry, as you know that blue and I don't get along very well). The fitbit came with an internet page where you can track your progress and keep your statistics. Calories consumed, calories burned, activity, mood, and so on. A real delight for someone so into keeping track and tabs like me (who have been keeping tabs on my weight, not like it changes and not like I would do a thing to change it!), however... my Hyne if this is a hard thing to get by! The fitbit is all nice and cute, but it doesn't seem to be accurate. I climb 15 flight everyday to get to the office, and it says I climb 22. I end up climbing from 29 to 44 and the counter says 75 to 88. I walk distance of five meters and it claims I've taken 500 steps. What am I? A geisha??

The page also gives you an account on the calories you have eaten, for which you log every single food you eat. It's nice and cool, and rolls out a list from where you pick what did you have, and that's okay, and all, but it gets me thinking, that getting fit isn't as easy as one would think. With a thingie like this, it's not only a matter of will, it's a matter of patience. Does this really motivate? And in general, if you have a sendentary life like mine, how further do you get with a program that keeps you in front of your computer logging in your weight and every single snack bar you chew?

My goal isn't to lose weight - what for? I'm fine the way I am - but to keep myself healthy, move and keep my body well. That's why I go to yoga classes too, so is a dashboard to work with keeping me from effectively be more active or is really helping me, thoughI don't know that yet?


Dragonfly said...

Zsue, están super lindos, ojalá y les agarres la gracia, como yo cuando empecé a correr. Primero dice uno voy a proponerme caminar unos 2000 pasos y cuando vez que en días agitados haces unos 5000 dices wow! y uno se emociona.

Muy bien de tu parte por querer estar saludable =)

Storm Bunny said...

Hola Amiga! Muchas gracias por la voz de apoyo. Pues la verdad vos has sido mi inspiración en esto. Conocer de tus avances, de cómo has logrado pasar de darle la vuelta a la cuadra a correr semi-maratones, me inspiró para intentarlo, para tratar de ser más sana y poner a mover el esqueleto.

Al fitbit ya le voy agarrando el toque. Tienen un servicio de ayuda online muy bueno y me han estado ayudando para ponerlo a funcionar como debe ser. Oye, dale una chequeada a la página! Es www.fitbit.com. Tienen cuentas en línea para que puedas ir registrando tu progreso. :-D Vos cómo llevas tu progreso?