Jan 13, 2012

The Old Fashioned Errands

This post is coming out really difficult this time. Talking to my friend Trish the other day (on the net, because we are a ocean apart from each other), about bloggers, popular and all the matter about traffic and I was rolling the thought around the matter, and even considering to ask her to synchronize posts with me on the subject. However, as the topic is still up and running, I haven't gotten around enought to grasp it and add to the previous post (Blogger(ina)). Instead I'm caught here in the middle of daily little matters, with a peanut butter and jam sandwich by my side, concerns I can't voice around (yet), nursing a cherry coke and thinking - already two hours into my work shift, and about 4 hours since waking up - how I would rather be at home right now, spread across the bed, under my comfy blanket, with the wamr sun shining through the blinds and me surfing the egde between being asleep and being awake, pulled equally by waking up and grabbing a book or a manga from my nightstand and read it, or sinking in again into sleep and find out how the dream goes.

It's Friday, but not any Friday as I've errands to run after work, I don't want to do on Saturday. Please, I need to rest! I want to rest! So this means that today - of all days - may finally come the day when I drive to a certain city part famous for lodging the most prestigious university of Costa Rica - and some private ones too - one of the most famous malls, being home to several politicians and local celebrities, housing many of the most known bars and restaurants... and having the worst cases of traffic jam. On a Friday. Yes. I've been trying to avoid going there, but there's no avail. I must get this done, and the only way I can do it is personally and there.

What? What could it be, you may ask. Perhaps you think I must meet someone on a personal matter that's too delicate to discuss over the phone or through e-mails. A secret love affaire that shall end now inspite of our mutual feelings... wrong. I'm not mushy, I don't have an affaire, and even if I did, the first to know would be my boyfriend (I'm just that open) so there would be nothing secret about it. Or maybe a friendship that went sour, so I'll meet my soon-to-be-ex-friend to a coffeehouse where I'll tell her what has she done to disappoint me so deeply and why I believe that terminating our friendship is the only acceptable next step. Plausible, specially when you consider that I don't shy away from terminating friendship and I have been complaining about how some of my acquintances have a special talent for whining, which consumes all their hability to "do something about it". Thought the idea is tempting, that's not my business in Traffic Town either. My business this time is actually closing an account with a company. Account? Like there's money and now I'll have some refound or something? Wishful thinking, and then again wrong. It's one of those cases where once upon a time you signed up for an account that was supposed to make your life easier, and for a while it did. However things have changed, you've downsized many things, simplified many others and there you are with this membership card, and tons of no longer wanted e-mails and account balance sheets long in 0 because you haven't been using the benefits of it, though you've been charged the membership every year without fail.

So I was thinking "I don't need this anymore, let's cancel it and have less clutter in my drawers. Let's simplify". Sure, let's do that, except that this organization that has offices in every corner, is unable to cancel the account unless you go to the very place where you opened it because "that's where they keep your record". So let me see if I get this right: we live in an age of technology... for quite a few decades now, AND there's such a thing called "messenger service" for records kept physically, AND there's an organization that can't close an account if it's not where it was opened? What if I moved to the other side of the planet and now I remember I've this account and want to close it? Take a plane and do the line? Unbelievable.

But that's it, folks, here I am on a Friday, with my coke and PB&J sandwich, with all great ideas for a post blocked because I can't recover from the enormous imbecility of one organization. At times like this I look at certain acquintances who are engineers and spend their lives without fixing anything, but boasting about all the things they could create, brushing away the toaster that needs to be fixed only to make some aesthetically offending contraption of the size of a big cat, that can light one Christmas lightbulb while measuring some waves nobody really cares about. Those you loooove to go around "well, say what you want, but you couldn't do your job if it wheren't for us and technology. You need us, we make the planet a better place and without us you would be in the Medieval times". Yeah, those, I'd like to grab them by the neck, show them my account and say: "so you are so cool and you can't fix this? You're so full of crap".

Today is trip-day, so please wish me luck. ^_^

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