Jan 22, 2012

In the Blogging

I can't help but stare in sheer wonder at the bloggers who strive for recognition. From the constant effort to be read, to the writing always in the same style - maybe even in the same line - hunting for the best tactics and secrets to guarantee a high traffic... The question time and again comes and time and again is left unresolved. Could it be a sort of a cybernetic outlet to the need to get attention - as I've had the chance to meet a few blogger personalities, and some of them do strike me as what's called "attention whores"? Or could it be... a way to make a living? Then again, I also have known some of that.

Maybe the question with the blog is "do you want to be read or not?" Maybe, if you want to be read, you should do something to be read, and if you don't want to be read... well, why do you blog, right? However there is something about blogging that caters to those who want to write but don't necessarily want to be read - or widely read: a place to shout in anonymity. The blog can become a sort of personal, secret place - much safer often than the journal book you could be carrying in your backpack or your bag - where you can vent about anything on the world. (Like I do not so rarely ^_^)

There's this fairy tale about a girl who has seven brothers and they are turned to ravens and she has to save them by making during seven years seven shirts - one for each and must not speak a word during the seven years. Through this time she's married off to a prince and gives birth to children - all of which are snatched and killed by someone jealous of her. Unable to speak, she can't say a word to defend herself or express her sorrow, so one day when the pain is too big to bear, she goes out to the woods, digs a deep hole and cries into it.

Well, blogging often feels like that. A blog, if not much read, becomes the black hole in the ground where you can shout out everything that upsets you and pains you. It doesn't matter that unknown people who will never meet you read what you have to say - hell, in some issues a word of comfort, a good advise from the depths of the darkness can come so good! - but when you start realizing that people around you read it and know you... how free do you still feel to express what's going on?

As a blogger, yes, you can seek to be public, to be read by many to bring to their attention social issues and several truths denied from them - blogging becomes thus a tool at the hands of the people to gear up and spread the news corporations and governments don't want them to know. But as a blogger, you can also be ptivate, faceless, indentity-less crying into the dark hole what you are bound to say face to face. Has anyone blogger considered creating a new, secret blog, unfound, non-circulated, where they can spill their secrets safely? Ease the heart, but keep the issues well locked down?

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