Jan 31, 2012

Measure What You Eat

Well, after struggling quite some with my fitbit, I believe I've finally got the hang of it. Not without the help of Farrah, an unseen kind lady from the Customer Service who has been tremendously kind at helping me via e-mail to set my lovely little bit to function. As result I'm quite happy - I could say excited - and already doing something I've never done before: I'm counting calories. Man, do you have an idea how tough it is to count calories? I love to log and keep tracks on everything, but calories? And it's not bad when the Fitbit site knows them, or the package has them, it's a nightmare when there's no way you can find them!

So far I've been blowing my dashboard meter pushing the allegedly 1955 calorie daily intake, downing even up to 5000 calories a day. Do I exercise that much? Hell no! But I'm not one to say no to yummy pizza or stuff like that, mind you. However today... today was something.

I had to run this office errand, and I was going to do it on foot. I did it on foot. I had to go from Building A to Bulding B, and usually do that crossing the Metropolitan Park in between. However, as my allergy has been a real bitch recently - runny, stuffy nose and so on - I decided not to chance it with the trees, and went arroun the park, which made me take four times longer to get to my destination. In the way I've got hungry and since there was a Subway around, I decided to stop for an omelette sub and another sub for lunch. The sub for lunch was easy, as I decided to go with one of the healthier choices, but the omelette and cheese sub, with avocado was something else. Normally I wouldn't think about it, just pay it and eat it, but this time I was thinking: "how am I going to log this?". No, Fitbit didn't have the information, nor did Subway, who aside from the healthy choices, fails to disclose the caloric value of all other options. This brought me nearly to the point of NOT INDULGING IN AN OMELETTE AND CHEESE SUB just because I had no idea, how to log it. Yes, please notice, it wasn't a matter of maybe eating something that could make me gain weight, it was a matter of not being able to write it down.

In case you wonder, I ate it and logged then an "educated guess", based on similar products I found after googling "calories in an omelette and cheese sub".

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving my fitbit, and I love my account - to which I'm logged more than to my facebook account - but sometimes I do stop to wonder, whether this is sane. Is it ok to measure everything you take to your mouth? Shouldn't you just eat and run without thinking about the statistics, and just enjoying what you do?

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